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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today's purchases

About everyone 6-8 weeks, I get itchy and buy several polishes. I need to stay off polish blogs because they make me want more, so today I went and bought a few, on eBay of course. I bought...

- Done out in Deco, OPI Spring 2009
- Miami Beet, OPI Spring 2009
- Shift Power, Essie
- Pepperoni, Essie
- For Audrey, China Glaze
- Exclusive, OPI DS

I also want to get OPI Don't Toy with Me and OPI Don't Know... Beets Me.

Add me to the mix

I figured that if all the cool kids were doing it, I would start a nail polish blog too. Do I think I'll get hundreds or thousands of readers and be the rave of the internet? Not quite. That's already been done by people who weren't followers like myself. LOL. Me? I basically just wanted to journal my (growing) nail polish collection. So here goes...

NOTD: OPI Makes Men Blush
I like this. I used 4 coats to make it nice and opaque and it ended up as a very pretty milky pink/white with golden shimmer. No pictures, sadly, but as soon as I find my camera's cord, I'll start taking them.

My previous color was OPI Grand Central Carnation which I loved the first time I had it on my nails about 6 yrs ago. Unfortunately, nail polish love is fickle. I hated the color within hours and I've since given it to my mother. Let's hope OPI Kimono'ver Here does not succumb to the same fate. I've coveted that color since they discontinued it and I finally found it at eBay. I'll probably hate it too.

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