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Saturday, May 30, 2009

NOTD: OPI Man of La Mancha

I'm not sure how I feel about this color. It's from OPI's 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection. It's d/c, but it, as well as all the collection sans La Bohemme is available from TransDesign.com for $4.99 (their price recently went up 20c). In the picture, it looks like a pretty, glitter rose color, but IRL, it's more complex. The rose is beautiful. The green and gold glitter is beautiful, but there is an orange shade that it flashes to in certain lights that looks like crappola. OPI described this as red, but it's anything but red. It's sheer and does take 3 coats to reach opacity. I'm considering picking up some of the other polishes in this collection, while they are available, because I love the concept, just not the orangeyness.
I'm not sure if I'll wear it again, but I'm keeping it because of my attachment to the name. It's a long drawn out explanation, but let's just say that Man of La Mancha reminds me of Quantum Leap which is one of my favorite shows ever.
UPDATE: I hated this color and I was so happy to take it off. Of course, I left it on 3 days b/c I didn't want to deal w/ reapplying a new set of nails, but gah... it sucked. I hate it so much, I may end up giving it away.
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(finally) NOTD: BB Couture for Nails Dragon's Breath

I'm finally getting a chance to post this. My husband was off for the long weekend and we ran around w/ the kids for days so I haven't had much of a chance to sit down.

I put this on my nails on Monday. I like the color, though it took 3 coats for even-ness. Also, this stuff soaks up TCs. It took me 3 coats of Rush before it was smooth and shiny. The color is so pretty. It reminds me of Zoya Roxy, but it's not bright purple. It's more of a red-based, dark purple with red, blue, silver and purple glitter. The glitter is small, but it doesn't look like micro-glitter to me.
Here are a few pics:

As you can see, I also have NA on my nails. I used Cina Pro Glitter Flowers and Hearts

I had this mani planned as soon as I saw this decal, and I love the way it turned out, but I don't know if I'll get this one again. It was really had to take the decals off the card. I ruined several of the decals. I'd be really ticked if I'd paid $4+ for this.
Also, as you can see, I left my nails longer for this. I'm thinking I like this length better, but who knows... I may cut them shorter next time. I used Nailene and so far, no problems.
Lastly, I received the replacement bottle of Fairy Blood from BB Couture. Such awesome service! Since my other bottle is fine, I may pay it forward and give one of them to my sister.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pictures of Nail Art and DT Maybelline hauls

As promised, here are pictures and the deets of my DT Maybelline haul and my nail art (which I will now abbreviate as NA) haul.

First the NA... Like I mentioned the other day, I bought tons of NA cards from CinaPro. I was a little bummed because 3 of the cards I ordered were OOS, and of course one of them was the one I was planning on using for my 4th of July NA mani (I was actually planning on doing red, white, and blue skittles). Oh well, I may still do the mani, just change up my plan a bit.

Anyway, here are a couple pics:

From L-R, top to bottom:
- Pearls (not self-stick)
- Violets
- Spring flowers, 2
- Crystals (hearts, diamonds, bars, etc...)
- Glitter flowers and hearts (I plan on doing an awesome NA mani with this and BB Couture Dragon's Breath)
- Swirls
- Crystal feathers
- Christmas 3D*
- Kitties (it was a $0.25... don't judge me. LOL)
- Butterflies, 2 (another BBC mani planned w/ this. Planning on using Kokomo)*
- NA Try Me Kit
- Crystals, 10 gross (they sent me these for free. Did not order them)
- Mylar hearts
- Lace blossoms*
- Novelty shape crystals
- Gold and silver 3D flowers

I got most of these for a song. Like 25 and 30 cents. I paid FP for the ones with *, but that was only $1.79. Much cheaper than Sally's, even with the high shipping charge. Though I did find a seller on eBay that had 25 cards of 3D designs for a CRAZY price. I think it was $6 shipped. I haven't received them yet, but once I do, I'll update.

I used one of the flowrs from the Spring Flowers card on my L thumb

This was my second attempt at NA on this nail. The first one was a bust, so I had to replace the nail and decided to use a Kiss nail to compare it to the Nailene. I'll let you know the results (if any).

Lastly, here's a pic of my Maybelline DT haul.

L-R: Matte Grape, Matte Sapphire, Blackened Teal (forgot to mention this one yesterday), Khaki Fringe, Twinkle Twinkle, Majestic Mauve. I figured they wouldn't have anything. I just happened to luck out.
Friday, May 22, 2009

UPDATE regarding my BB Couture order from Kim

I just got an email from Kim stating that she contacted BB Couture, regarding my chipped bottle, and I will probably be receiving another bottle of Fairy Blood soon. This is not expected, but very, very much appreciated. Really, my bottle is fine, but thank you again for the excellent customer service. :)

Also, I was incorrect in stating Kim is in LA. She's actually in Elk Grove, which I had to Google to find out it's near near Sacramento. Sorry, Kim, the label on the package said LA, so I just assumed. BB Couture is in LA. But either way, it's coming from California and shipping was super-duper speedy.

Plus, if you look below, I got my very first comment (and perhaps my first reader) from Kim. Thank you! Makes me feel legit. I really don't blog to have readers, though they would be awesome. I mainly do it just to have a journal of my descent into madness. That way, when I'm finally in the loony bin, huddled up against the padded wall muttering "Pikes Peek-A-Boo Purple, Starry, Starry, Night, Rainforest, Jasper Jade, etc..." like Leonard in Lost, my husband will know why.

And just so I don't have to do my 4th post of the day... I happened to stop in the Dollar Tree for a minute because someone on the MUANB posted that she found some awesome Maybelline mattes there. I'm usually a shiny nails girl. So bad that I find myself staring at my nails at red lights. LOL. But I figured this would be a good way to try matte before Zoya and OPI release their matte collections.

I did find 2 mattes, Matte Grape and Matte Sapphire. Matte Sapphire looks gorgeous. Matte Grape looks dull, I know it's a matte, but it looks like a flat muddy brown color. Who knows? Maybe I got a bad bottle. It was a buck, so I shouldn't be bitching. I also got Wet Shine Diamonds Majestic Mauve (gorgeous), Express Finish Khaki Fringe (gorgeous) and...wait for it... EF Twinkle, Twinkle. Wahoo. It's not Starry, Starry Night, but it's a very reasonable dupe, or so I hear. I just know it's d/c and VHTF, so I was pleased I found it at the DT. BTW, I will have pics of the DT haul tomorrow. My camera died.

BB Couture for Nails Order

My BB Couture for Nails order came today. I ordered from http://www.overallbeauty.com/ and let me say, I love Kim. Her c/s is excellent and her shipping is super fast. I'm in TN and I got my order today. I think I ordered on Tuesday night. She ships from Los Angeles. Also, when I ordered, I'd gotten almost to the confirmation page, but had backed out of the order because I decided I wanted a different color. Looks like that order got placed anyway and I couldn't change it, so I placed a second order and she was great in cancelling my previous order. If I decided to buy BB Couture for Nails again, I will definitely go through Kim. Her shipping was very reasonable as well ($4+), but I think she ships for free over a certain $$ amount. The polishes themselves were $8. A little high, but not bad considering retail (though I never pay it) for Essie and OPI is over $8.

Here's what I got:

L to R:
- Kokomo: I wanted a pale buttercream color. I'm interested in yellow, but afraid to jump in the deep end.
- Blind Love: Looks like an almost dupe to Chanel Kaleidoscope, which I love but have been balking at Chanel polishes.
- Fairy Blood: It's a red shimmer, but let's face it... I bought it for the name.
- Dragon's Breath: Looks like a plummier version of Zoya Roxy with blue, red, and silver glitter rather than magenta glitter.

These colors look great and I may try others in the future. There are several greens available though BB Couture, but as awesome as they look on other bloggers, I think they are a bit much for me. Deep green cream just doesn't appeal to me.

One thing I will say, my Fairy Blood bottle has a couple of chips in it. One is on the base and the other is on the neck. Neither look like they affect the integrity of the bottle, so I'm not going to complain. They were wrapped very well, so I don't think the problem was in the shipping, rather it looks like it fell at some point.

Also, these bottles remind me of the old school Orly bottles, before Orly started using that shitty rubberized cap. The handles are a little thicker and shorter, but it does remind me of the old Orly bottle. I had tons of Orlys back in the day and it still kind of bums me that I trashed them all at some point because I thought they were past their prime. That was before I knew of thinner. I just though np had a natural expiration date. Megan=Dumbass. LOL. OT, but if I could turn back time and save a few of my old Orlys, I would. There was a gorgeous amethyst color I loved, as well as my favorite Red Sea Pearl which like my EPP mani is with the dodo. Maybe one day, I'll find it again. Maybe I'll write Orly and see if they know of a way to find it.

RIP ElePhantastic Pink Mani... I hardly knew ye


Last night, my pretty pink mani with the yellow and white flowers went the way of the dodo. I'd stopped my a Walgreens on the other side of Knoxville to pick up some Vaseline for my daughter when I figured I'd check out their Sinful rack, to see if they had Pinky Glitter. All the Walgreens on this side of town were out, but lo and behold... this one had it! Yay!

So when I got home, I figured PG would be a perfect topper on my 6 un-arted nails. The color was perfect, but for some reason, I had the same problem with it as I did the Zoya I tried the other day. It wouldn't set and it made my polish slide right off. Plus, the nails were a little weak from the little bit of n-a remover I had to apply the other day. There was no saving them, so I began the task of taking them off. The nails were weak, but the glue was still going strong, so I had to use acetone to soak them off (rather I wiped them off with a cotton ball soaked in acetone). I hate doing this because it always ends with me making a mess on my fingers. Waiting until the glue is really weak and popping them off is much easier.

Once I got them off, I decided I'd take a pic of my natural nails just to show how badly they were damaged from the acrylic and the fill-in process.

Awful, huh? I'm hoping they'll be back to normal by the end of the year, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also took this opportunity to remove and moisturize my cuticles. Something I was way behind in doing. Both products I use are from Sally's. I use SuperNail Cuticle Softener and Remover and California Mango Mend Treatment Balm. I know some people don't like the Mango Mend, but I love it.
So after that was complete, I proceeded to re-apply the Nailene nails. I don't know about these Nailene. I'm thinking about getting a box of Kiss and alternate using them so I can tell which is better. I may even do both at the same time, just to see. Here's what they look like after application.

Here's a list of the nails I use:
0 - Thumb
6 - Pointer
3 - Middle
5 - Ring
8 - Pinky
I have SUPER wide nail beds, so that's why I have to use the big honkin' toe nail nails. LOL.

I didn't want to have a fiasco like I had with the Zoya, so I decided to use a color I knew worked and I knew I loved. I went with OPI Oui Bit of Red. I adore this color. It's so pretty and glossy and it's one of my favorite reds, probably my favorite red shimmer. I get a little clipper happy, so my nails are shorter than I like, but all in all, I like this mani. Here's a pic:

My Cinapro order should be here today, (stupid, lyin' FedEx) so I'll probably add some add some nail art to my mani today. Hopefully, I'll also post pics of my nail art haul.
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woohoo! (Finally) Pictures

I managed to find a cord that will work w/ my camera and I found my battery charger, so I was in business. :)

Here's my new organizer:

Love it!

Now for my NOTD (OPI ElePhantastic Pink). Nail art is Cina 3D Daisy:

This is seriously one my favorite polishes of all time.
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NOTD: OPI ElePhantastic Pink and updates

So I finally broke my streak of only using untrieds. I put on Zoya Erika and let me tell you, it sucked. Took 3 coats to reach opacity and after an hour, it was still really soft and I pretty much just wiped it off. I was wanting something pink and I realized after 10 minutes of poking through my stash that I don't have a lot of medium toned pinks. I plan on ordering a few and remedying that problem, though. :P

Anyway, like I said, I tried Erika and hated it, yet I still wanted pink, so I went back to EPP. I can't tell you how much I love her. EPP is a perfect creamy pink. Some people say it's a Barbie pink, but I disagree. It's a touch on the coral side, but the best way I can describe it is warm, creamy pink (which sounds disgusting, but that's what it is). I'm very happy with this NOTD. I wouldn't have been happy with Erika, so I'm glad it was simple to take off (the use of glue-ons limits my "just take it off" option). I also used decals from the Cina 3D Daisy sheet. Love them. Nothing like yellow and white flowers on pink. <3. So cheerful.

I found my digicam, and the battery is charging, so I will hopefully have REAL pics soon. Yay!

I'm also using a different brand of nails. For the first time, I am trying Nailene plain glue-ons. I think I like them more than the Kiss. More flexible and yet stronger all at the same time. Plus, very easy to trim and shape. Plus, the Nailene were $5.69 for 200 nails while Kiss is $4.99 for 100. Better deal all around. I'm sure they'll get d/c'd now. :S

Also my Cina order will be here tomorrow, so it did ship w/o any problem regarding the professional thing. I'll try to get picks of my nail art haul. I also ordered a bunch of 3D nail art sheets from eBay. Here's hoping they don't suck.

Speaking of new things, I got 3 Sinful glitters today at Walgreens. UFO, Hottie, and Opal Glitter. Weirdo checkout lady looked at me funny when I said I didn't plan that they were red, white, and blue, after she'd made a smart ass comment to the effect.

One last thing... I got a new storage chest today. Wal-mart had a 5 drawer Sterlite rolling cart for $16. It has 3 big drawers (2 for polish, one is only maybe 1/4 full and one for removers, lotions, etc...) and 2 smaller drawers (one of the fake nails and other mani supplies and one for nail art and my UV dryer). My husband just looks at it and shakes his head, but it's so much nicer than keeping (cramming) my polish in a Sterlite handled tote and everything else in Sally's bags.
Friday, May 15, 2009

Cina Nail Art

I love nail art. I'm not good at it, but I love it. I've bought striping pens and a konad and nothing has been able to give me the look I want, so I finally resulted to buying press-on nail art. I got a few designs from Sally's, because you know me... one is never enough... if I buy one, why not five. Seriously, I think I have a hoarding problem. Not "Clean House" bad, but it's there.

Anyway, so I bought a few decals and I just got around to putting one on last night. I used Cina 3D Nail Art in Ocean Life and let me tell you, it's just the look I was going for. It's full of seahorses, palm trees, angel fish, and plenty of other little ocean/beach themed goodies. At Sally's, it was $4 or so (I paid full price when I bought it b/c I'd left my Sally's card at home). Considering you can get several applications out of the same card, I think it's a pretty good deal.

However, if you are interested in nail art, you may want to check out www.cinapro.com. They have their full line on their site and if you register, you can order directly from them. I had to register as a professional (there was no option for amatuer or hobbyist), but they do not ask for a license #, so I was able to finish my registration. Once you register, you can see the prices and let me tell you... in the Dollar Deals section, they are awesome. Like $0.30 and $0.25 a card awesome. You do have to place a $10 order and shipping was exhorbant at $9.95, but even so, I got 20 items for $20 and considering they are $3-5 at Sally's, I think it's an awesome deal. I'm set for life on nail art. Until it ships, I'm still a little worried about the "not a professional" thing, but if it doesn't ship, I'll understand. I'll update when it's sent out.
Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Lied and how I started loving blue polish.

Remember when I said I was on a no-buy? Perhaps I should amend that to state I'm on a no-haul-buy, because I've acquired 4 more bottles of polish since I made that statement. Well, I have 2 and 2 are in transit. About a week ago, I was at Walgreen's and I discovered there Sinful display. I'd never noticed it before and I'd only recently heard about the brand, anyway. I picked up Pearl Harbor which is a really pretty blue and green glitter. I have yet to use it, but I think it will be beautiful over a dark blue or even a minty green like OPI Hey! Get in Lime. i'm wearing Zoya Indigo, which I love and will create a separate post for, and I think it will look fab over it. I need to try that tomorrow or Saturday.

Speaking of blue, that has to be my latest obsession. NP-wise, I used to consider myself a red girl, and I still loves me a gorgeous red, but it seems like all the reds have a tendency to run together. After awhile, red is red no matter if it's tomato, blue-based, or shimmer... it's still red. I've realized that it's only when you get into the different, funky shades is when you actually start to see some variants. My first dip in the pool with this was purple. A few posts ago, I waxed on poetically about Zoya Roxy and OPI Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not is another favorite. I also love vampy purples and light lavenders. Purple rivals pink in my everyday life (not just NP) as my favorite color. I've loved purple nails forever, though. I just never had the courage to do anything other than a lavender shimmer (which I have yet to find HG) until 6-9 months ago.

It's only been more recently that I've discovered my love of blue polishes. Years ago, I had a co-worker who loved blue np and my immediate reaction in my head was "ew. how trashy". I know. So judgemental. However, I've been singing a different tune as of late. Maybe it's the influx of awesome blues, though I think they've always been around, or maybe it's just my definition of what's appropriate on one's nails changing drastically. Either way, me likey.

I'm pretty sure I have 5 blues in my collection... Zoya Indigo, ChG Calypso Blue, OPI Russian Navy and Teal the Cows Come Home (which, yes, I consider blue) and now, Essie Aruba Blue. I also have Essie St. Barth's Blue, but I'm not really including it in this list because it's so pale. I put on Indigo last night and let me tell you... it rocks. It's what I hoped RN, just based on the name, would be. It's a true navy that looks like a creme in low or indoor lighting. Once it hits sunlight however, the small amount of glitter in it just shines. Hopefully, I'll do a full review soon. As for RN, it was really a let down. It had a weird green cast to it until the third coat and even with 3 coats of TC it still looked muddy. However, I will keep it. Mainly because I'm a super dork and like it for the name. Everytime I read it, I hear the music from Hunt for Red October in my head. I may try it again in the fall, perhaps over a coat of Calypso Blue or Indigo (to help balance out the green).

I have yet to try CB or AB, though I'm ready to remedy that, especially with AB. I loved this color on Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to wear it. Well, on a whim, I bought it off eBay last week (from one of my favorite sellers, imf0rsale. Holy smokes is it gorgeous. I can't wait to put it on my nails. And judging the bottle color, it's going to be rockin'.

My family looks at me like I have three heads. My mom and sister just can't fathom how I'd want to put navy on my nails. All I know is now that it's done, there's no going back.
Friday, May 8, 2009

Issues Much?

LOL. Judging from the column to the right of all the polishes I own, I think I went a wee bit overboard over the past few months. I knew I had a small problem, thus the name of this blog (done mostly in jest). What I didn't realize is just how real it is. I know there are people with much, much larger collections than mine, but considering I'm only able to change my polish every 4-5 days, I'm never going to get around to trying them all if I don't stop buying, so I'm officially on a no-buy and will continue to be until all my current un-trieds have been tried and I've revisited some of my older polishes for auld lang syne. I'm thinking of it as the nail polish equivalent to shopping in my closet.

Last night, I tried one of my newer un-trieds, Zoya Tosca. I loved this in the bottle. It's a nice, wearable true red with fine gold shimmer. You can really see the shimmer in the bottle. Not so much on the nail. Once on, this reminds me OPI Oui Bit of Red, which I like very much (after all, I have 2 bottles of it). Before I remove it, I need to do a side by side comparison with OBoR.

Tosca doesn't really knock my socks off. It's pretty, yes, but doesn't make me want to sit in traffic and look at my nails all day. I really wish it was bottle color, because that would have been kick ass. The application was very nice and the finish itself is beautiful. Nice and glossy, though a TC was absolutely necessary to acheive full glossiness. I use Rush 60 Second High Speed TC from Sally's as I didn't really like Seche Vite. Rush TC is my hands down favorite.

I'll be sure to take a picture w/in the next couple of days and do a comparison with OBoR.
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Updates (acrylic damage, Zoya, Lippmann)

I apologize in advance for this formatting. I've tried 5x to fix it and even cp'd everything to a new post and blogger must hate me b/c I can't change it.

It's been 2 months since I removed my acrylics. Sob. My fingernails are no where back to normal so screw the idea of them being recovered by May. At this rate, I have a feeling it's going to be at least July, possibly August before they don't look like total ass.

Here are a couple of (bad, camera-phone) pics to show just how bad they are:

Right hand Left hand

See how embarrassing they are? That's why I wear glue-ons. So I don't feel like a total freak. Hopefully, by fall, I will be able to paint my natural nails. I like the way the glue-ons look, because I do I good job with them, but they are kind of a pain in the ass, especially when you like to change polish as much as I do.

I just wish I'd had a good experience with my acrylics. Yes, I went to a lower cost salon, but it's very well known, and I know plenty of people who have a good experience there. I think the real problem was with my tech. On my first visit, I was a fit-in, so I happened to get who was available. Seems like this particular salon has 2 techs who are always available for fit-ins. Now, I know why. My sister still goes here and she loves her nail tech, she switched after her first visit to a tech that just so happens to be her son's teacher. No pain, no infections. I should have switched to another tech, but to be honest, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, in the beginning. Stupid, huh? Though, considering I also had an allergic reaction to the acrylic, it may not have mattered who I went to. If you happen to read this, and live in Knoxville, TN and want to know the salon and tech's name, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I'll let you know. I don't want to spread gossip or bad mouth someone who earns his living doing nails, but I also know how hard it's been for my nails (and me) to bounce back from this.

What you can't tell from the pictures is that comparatively, they actually look good. The new growth is healthy, though the ridging looks to be more defined. Oh well, until they get back to 100%, I'll just use my glue-ons and deal with the fact I can only change polish when I want to change the nails.

Speaking of polish, I got my Lippmanns today. I was afraid that they weren't going live up to the cost, but let me just say that they are amazing. I tried them on my sad natural nails and Purple
Rain is awesome. Shut up and Drive looks good too, I just have to wait and see it on not-crappy nails because it's going to require more than 2 coats. I'm not sure if I'm going to try any additional Lippmanns in the near future. Not that they don't look great (plus, I need to be on a no-buy), but the cost is high. $15 is crazy for nail polish, even if they look this nice. If I'd been able to find reasonably priced dupes for PR and SUAD, I would have bought them instead, but I couldn't find anything remotely similar, so I just bit the bullet and called it my Mother's Day present. Until I can use them, please check out Scrangie for pics. Her blog is the reason I bought them. Hell, her blog is the reason I bought 3/4s of my polishes. :) Also, the bottles on the Lippmanns are very nice. But for the price difference, I think I actually prefer the Zoya bottles (of the 2 brands in my collections that have attractive bottles).

And lastly, speaking of Zoya (gotta love my crappy segues), I did take a picture of Roxy. I need to quit apologizing for the quality, but maybe, just maybe one day I'll start using my real digital camera. I wore her for 4 days, and I was sad to see her go.

Right now, the nails are nakey and crappy, so hopefully tonight, I'll be able to apply the glue-ons and possibly use one of my new polishes.
Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Impressions: Zoya Roxy (updated)

I got this polish through the Zoya polish exchange. It's a beautiful purple (leaning slightly towards magenta) that has tons, and I mean a shitload of purple (same-tone) glitter. I know I said this would be the first one that I tried from my exchange haul, but I was actually leaning towards trying Erika first. Then my husband intervened and told me he liked Roxy because it was so sparkly.

This is my first time using a Zoya polish. The bottle itself was very nice. Seems silly to review the bottle, but it reminded me more of a perfume bottle than a nail polish bottle. For me, the wand was a little too squatty, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. The brush was okay, I felt I didn't get enough coverage with it, but that was remedied with multiple coats.

The first coat was rather streaky and the glitter wasn't evenly distributed. However, by the second coat, my nail was fully saturated with color. I did apply a third coat, but very thinly and just to make sure that all my nails were the same depth of color. It's a very grown up glitter. It doesn't make me feel like a teenager.

Since this is a glitter, the end texture left something to be desired. Even with 2 coats of TC, it's a little bumpy. But I think that's just the nature of the beast. It's extremely rare to find a glitter polish that is perfectly smooth. I have a feeling this is going to be a bitch to remove, so I'll probably keep it on for a few days, so I'll edit my post accordingly. I'll also charge my camera and try to get a picture (yay for finding the charger).

All in all, at this point, I like it. I'm not crazy in love with it like I was in the bottle, but it's still very nice and interesting. This may change over the next few days, and like I mentioned above, I'll be sure to update my thoughts after wearing it.

UPDATE: I've now worn this for almost 2 days and I am totally in love with it. I can't stop looking at my fingers. I did apply another (3) coat of TC today to increase the shine and it seems like that just made it come to life. This is an amazing color, and it makes me want to try the other Zoya glitters (hmmm.... maybe another exchange order should be in the works). Still no picture, though. I'll probably keep this on for another few days because I love it so much and the wear is virtually nil, so I'll try to get a picture soon.

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