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Friday, May 22, 2009

BB Couture for Nails Order

My BB Couture for Nails order came today. I ordered from http://www.overallbeauty.com/ and let me say, I love Kim. Her c/s is excellent and her shipping is super fast. I'm in TN and I got my order today. I think I ordered on Tuesday night. She ships from Los Angeles. Also, when I ordered, I'd gotten almost to the confirmation page, but had backed out of the order because I decided I wanted a different color. Looks like that order got placed anyway and I couldn't change it, so I placed a second order and she was great in cancelling my previous order. If I decided to buy BB Couture for Nails again, I will definitely go through Kim. Her shipping was very reasonable as well ($4+), but I think she ships for free over a certain $$ amount. The polishes themselves were $8. A little high, but not bad considering retail (though I never pay it) for Essie and OPI is over $8.

Here's what I got:

L to R:
- Kokomo: I wanted a pale buttercream color. I'm interested in yellow, but afraid to jump in the deep end.
- Blind Love: Looks like an almost dupe to Chanel Kaleidoscope, which I love but have been balking at Chanel polishes.
- Fairy Blood: It's a red shimmer, but let's face it... I bought it for the name.
- Dragon's Breath: Looks like a plummier version of Zoya Roxy with blue, red, and silver glitter rather than magenta glitter.

These colors look great and I may try others in the future. There are several greens available though BB Couture, but as awesome as they look on other bloggers, I think they are a bit much for me. Deep green cream just doesn't appeal to me.

One thing I will say, my Fairy Blood bottle has a couple of chips in it. One is on the base and the other is on the neck. Neither look like they affect the integrity of the bottle, so I'm not going to complain. They were wrapped very well, so I don't think the problem was in the shipping, rather it looks like it fell at some point.

Also, these bottles remind me of the old school Orly bottles, before Orly started using that shitty rubberized cap. The handles are a little thicker and shorter, but it does remind me of the old Orly bottle. I had tons of Orlys back in the day and it still kind of bums me that I trashed them all at some point because I thought they were past their prime. That was before I knew of thinner. I just though np had a natural expiration date. Megan=Dumbass. LOL. OT, but if I could turn back time and save a few of my old Orlys, I would. There was a gorgeous amethyst color I loved, as well as my favorite Red Sea Pearl which like my EPP mani is with the dodo. Maybe one day, I'll find it again. Maybe I'll write Orly and see if they know of a way to find it.


Kim said...

Hi Megan!
Thank you so very much, you are just too kind! I try ;) I do have free shipping $70.00 in the US only. I never thought that I would personally like green nail polishes either, but Frosty Meadow changed my mind!
Thanks again for your glowing review..
Kim Snyder

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