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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cina Nail Art

I love nail art. I'm not good at it, but I love it. I've bought striping pens and a konad and nothing has been able to give me the look I want, so I finally resulted to buying press-on nail art. I got a few designs from Sally's, because you know me... one is never enough... if I buy one, why not five. Seriously, I think I have a hoarding problem. Not "Clean House" bad, but it's there.

Anyway, so I bought a few decals and I just got around to putting one on last night. I used Cina 3D Nail Art in Ocean Life and let me tell you, it's just the look I was going for. It's full of seahorses, palm trees, angel fish, and plenty of other little ocean/beach themed goodies. At Sally's, it was $4 or so (I paid full price when I bought it b/c I'd left my Sally's card at home). Considering you can get several applications out of the same card, I think it's a pretty good deal.

However, if you are interested in nail art, you may want to check out www.cinapro.com. They have their full line on their site and if you register, you can order directly from them. I had to register as a professional (there was no option for amatuer or hobbyist), but they do not ask for a license #, so I was able to finish my registration. Once you register, you can see the prices and let me tell you... in the Dollar Deals section, they are awesome. Like $0.30 and $0.25 a card awesome. You do have to place a $10 order and shipping was exhorbant at $9.95, but even so, I got 20 items for $20 and considering they are $3-5 at Sally's, I think it's an awesome deal. I'm set for life on nail art. Until it ships, I'm still a little worried about the "not a professional" thing, but if it doesn't ship, I'll understand. I'll update when it's sent out.


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