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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Lied and how I started loving blue polish.

Remember when I said I was on a no-buy? Perhaps I should amend that to state I'm on a no-haul-buy, because I've acquired 4 more bottles of polish since I made that statement. Well, I have 2 and 2 are in transit. About a week ago, I was at Walgreen's and I discovered there Sinful display. I'd never noticed it before and I'd only recently heard about the brand, anyway. I picked up Pearl Harbor which is a really pretty blue and green glitter. I have yet to use it, but I think it will be beautiful over a dark blue or even a minty green like OPI Hey! Get in Lime. i'm wearing Zoya Indigo, which I love and will create a separate post for, and I think it will look fab over it. I need to try that tomorrow or Saturday.

Speaking of blue, that has to be my latest obsession. NP-wise, I used to consider myself a red girl, and I still loves me a gorgeous red, but it seems like all the reds have a tendency to run together. After awhile, red is red no matter if it's tomato, blue-based, or shimmer... it's still red. I've realized that it's only when you get into the different, funky shades is when you actually start to see some variants. My first dip in the pool with this was purple. A few posts ago, I waxed on poetically about Zoya Roxy and OPI Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not is another favorite. I also love vampy purples and light lavenders. Purple rivals pink in my everyday life (not just NP) as my favorite color. I've loved purple nails forever, though. I just never had the courage to do anything other than a lavender shimmer (which I have yet to find HG) until 6-9 months ago.

It's only been more recently that I've discovered my love of blue polishes. Years ago, I had a co-worker who loved blue np and my immediate reaction in my head was "ew. how trashy". I know. So judgemental. However, I've been singing a different tune as of late. Maybe it's the influx of awesome blues, though I think they've always been around, or maybe it's just my definition of what's appropriate on one's nails changing drastically. Either way, me likey.

I'm pretty sure I have 5 blues in my collection... Zoya Indigo, ChG Calypso Blue, OPI Russian Navy and Teal the Cows Come Home (which, yes, I consider blue) and now, Essie Aruba Blue. I also have Essie St. Barth's Blue, but I'm not really including it in this list because it's so pale. I put on Indigo last night and let me tell you... it rocks. It's what I hoped RN, just based on the name, would be. It's a true navy that looks like a creme in low or indoor lighting. Once it hits sunlight however, the small amount of glitter in it just shines. Hopefully, I'll do a full review soon. As for RN, it was really a let down. It had a weird green cast to it until the third coat and even with 3 coats of TC it still looked muddy. However, I will keep it. Mainly because I'm a super dork and like it for the name. Everytime I read it, I hear the music from Hunt for Red October in my head. I may try it again in the fall, perhaps over a coat of Calypso Blue or Indigo (to help balance out the green).

I have yet to try CB or AB, though I'm ready to remedy that, especially with AB. I loved this color on Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to wear it. Well, on a whim, I bought it off eBay last week (from one of my favorite sellers, imf0rsale. Holy smokes is it gorgeous. I can't wait to put it on my nails. And judging the bottle color, it's going to be rockin'.

My family looks at me like I have three heads. My mom and sister just can't fathom how I'd want to put navy on my nails. All I know is now that it's done, there's no going back.


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