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Friday, May 8, 2009

Issues Much?

LOL. Judging from the column to the right of all the polishes I own, I think I went a wee bit overboard over the past few months. I knew I had a small problem, thus the name of this blog (done mostly in jest). What I didn't realize is just how real it is. I know there are people with much, much larger collections than mine, but considering I'm only able to change my polish every 4-5 days, I'm never going to get around to trying them all if I don't stop buying, so I'm officially on a no-buy and will continue to be until all my current un-trieds have been tried and I've revisited some of my older polishes for auld lang syne. I'm thinking of it as the nail polish equivalent to shopping in my closet.

Last night, I tried one of my newer un-trieds, Zoya Tosca. I loved this in the bottle. It's a nice, wearable true red with fine gold shimmer. You can really see the shimmer in the bottle. Not so much on the nail. Once on, this reminds me OPI Oui Bit of Red, which I like very much (after all, I have 2 bottles of it). Before I remove it, I need to do a side by side comparison with OBoR.

Tosca doesn't really knock my socks off. It's pretty, yes, but doesn't make me want to sit in traffic and look at my nails all day. I really wish it was bottle color, because that would have been kick ass. The application was very nice and the finish itself is beautiful. Nice and glossy, though a TC was absolutely necessary to acheive full glossiness. I use Rush 60 Second High Speed TC from Sally's as I didn't really like Seche Vite. Rush TC is my hands down favorite.

I'll be sure to take a picture w/in the next couple of days and do a comparison with OBoR.


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