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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NOTD: OPI ElePhantastic Pink and updates

So I finally broke my streak of only using untrieds. I put on Zoya Erika and let me tell you, it sucked. Took 3 coats to reach opacity and after an hour, it was still really soft and I pretty much just wiped it off. I was wanting something pink and I realized after 10 minutes of poking through my stash that I don't have a lot of medium toned pinks. I plan on ordering a few and remedying that problem, though. :P

Anyway, like I said, I tried Erika and hated it, yet I still wanted pink, so I went back to EPP. I can't tell you how much I love her. EPP is a perfect creamy pink. Some people say it's a Barbie pink, but I disagree. It's a touch on the coral side, but the best way I can describe it is warm, creamy pink (which sounds disgusting, but that's what it is). I'm very happy with this NOTD. I wouldn't have been happy with Erika, so I'm glad it was simple to take off (the use of glue-ons limits my "just take it off" option). I also used decals from the Cina 3D Daisy sheet. Love them. Nothing like yellow and white flowers on pink. <3. So cheerful.

I found my digicam, and the battery is charging, so I will hopefully have REAL pics soon. Yay!

I'm also using a different brand of nails. For the first time, I am trying Nailene plain glue-ons. I think I like them more than the Kiss. More flexible and yet stronger all at the same time. Plus, very easy to trim and shape. Plus, the Nailene were $5.69 for 200 nails while Kiss is $4.99 for 100. Better deal all around. I'm sure they'll get d/c'd now. :S

Also my Cina order will be here tomorrow, so it did ship w/o any problem regarding the professional thing. I'll try to get picks of my nail art haul. I also ordered a bunch of 3D nail art sheets from eBay. Here's hoping they don't suck.

Speaking of new things, I got 3 Sinful glitters today at Walgreens. UFO, Hottie, and Opal Glitter. Weirdo checkout lady looked at me funny when I said I didn't plan that they were red, white, and blue, after she'd made a smart ass comment to the effect.

One last thing... I got a new storage chest today. Wal-mart had a 5 drawer Sterlite rolling cart for $16. It has 3 big drawers (2 for polish, one is only maybe 1/4 full and one for removers, lotions, etc...) and 2 smaller drawers (one of the fake nails and other mani supplies and one for nail art and my UV dryer). My husband just looks at it and shakes his head, but it's so much nicer than keeping (cramming) my polish in a Sterlite handled tote and everything else in Sally's bags.


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