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Saturday, May 30, 2009

NOTD: OPI Man of La Mancha

I'm not sure how I feel about this color. It's from OPI's 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection. It's d/c, but it, as well as all the collection sans La Bohemme is available from TransDesign.com for $4.99 (their price recently went up 20c). In the picture, it looks like a pretty, glitter rose color, but IRL, it's more complex. The rose is beautiful. The green and gold glitter is beautiful, but there is an orange shade that it flashes to in certain lights that looks like crappola. OPI described this as red, but it's anything but red. It's sheer and does take 3 coats to reach opacity. I'm considering picking up some of the other polishes in this collection, while they are available, because I love the concept, just not the orangeyness.
I'm not sure if I'll wear it again, but I'm keeping it because of my attachment to the name. It's a long drawn out explanation, but let's just say that Man of La Mancha reminds me of Quantum Leap which is one of my favorite shows ever.
UPDATE: I hated this color and I was so happy to take it off. Of course, I left it on 3 days b/c I didn't want to deal w/ reapplying a new set of nails, but gah... it sucked. I hate it so much, I may end up giving it away.


Anonymous said...

Oh i think it looks so pretty!!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

It was pretty in certain lights, but then it would flash the weirdest orange-green color that was not flattering at all. I'm super pale, so that's probably why. On someome with pigment, it would probably look so much better.

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