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Friday, May 22, 2009

UPDATE regarding my BB Couture order from Kim

I just got an email from Kim stating that she contacted BB Couture, regarding my chipped bottle, and I will probably be receiving another bottle of Fairy Blood soon. This is not expected, but very, very much appreciated. Really, my bottle is fine, but thank you again for the excellent customer service. :)

Also, I was incorrect in stating Kim is in LA. She's actually in Elk Grove, which I had to Google to find out it's near near Sacramento. Sorry, Kim, the label on the package said LA, so I just assumed. BB Couture is in LA. But either way, it's coming from California and shipping was super-duper speedy.

Plus, if you look below, I got my very first comment (and perhaps my first reader) from Kim. Thank you! Makes me feel legit. I really don't blog to have readers, though they would be awesome. I mainly do it just to have a journal of my descent into madness. That way, when I'm finally in the loony bin, huddled up against the padded wall muttering "Pikes Peek-A-Boo Purple, Starry, Starry, Night, Rainforest, Jasper Jade, etc..." like Leonard in Lost, my husband will know why.

And just so I don't have to do my 4th post of the day... I happened to stop in the Dollar Tree for a minute because someone on the MUANB posted that she found some awesome Maybelline mattes there. I'm usually a shiny nails girl. So bad that I find myself staring at my nails at red lights. LOL. But I figured this would be a good way to try matte before Zoya and OPI release their matte collections.

I did find 2 mattes, Matte Grape and Matte Sapphire. Matte Sapphire looks gorgeous. Matte Grape looks dull, I know it's a matte, but it looks like a flat muddy brown color. Who knows? Maybe I got a bad bottle. It was a buck, so I shouldn't be bitching. I also got Wet Shine Diamonds Majestic Mauve (gorgeous), Express Finish Khaki Fringe (gorgeous) and...wait for it... EF Twinkle, Twinkle. Wahoo. It's not Starry, Starry Night, but it's a very reasonable dupe, or so I hear. I just know it's d/c and VHTF, so I was pleased I found it at the DT. BTW, I will have pics of the DT haul tomorrow. My camera died.


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