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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All moods change with platinum!

So, here I was feeling uber depressed today because of my shitacular nails, and nothing was getting me out of my funk. Just looking at them made it worse, so this evening, I put on a set of glue-ons. Instant happy. Out of sight, out of mind. :)

Well, I still know that they are under there and I just need to take better care of my nails. I need to give them some time between glue-ons and I need to stick to soaking them off. No more popping them off. It's easier and I don't have to mess w/ stinky acetone, but it's not doing my nails any favors.

Once I had the nails on, I had the hardest time deciding on a color. I was on the phone with my mom and I'd narrowed it down to BB Couture Blind Love or ChG Sneakerhead. Both are untrieds. Of course, my mom did not approve of the Blind Love after I described the color, she said it wasn't natural. Naturally, that's the one I picked. LOL.

Lemme tell you, it is gor-g-us. Seriously, I know it's a very close dupe for Chanel Kaleidoscope, and if I'd found Kaleidoscope first, I'd see no problem w/ forking out the cash just for the color alone. I'm glad to have just spent $8 on it, but the color is worth $20 easily. However, since I've heard iffy things about Chanel's formula, I'm happy to have the BB Couture. It was so easy to apply, and while I did a second coat, it honestly would have been okay w/ one. It is a bit brush-strokey, but I think that is inherent to this color. It doesn't detract from it in anyway. The texture just adds to the metallyness of the color.

Here's a pic:

It is so amazingly pretty, I can't stop staring at my fingers. I don't know if it even works w/ my skintone, but I love it so much I don't care. This will be another one that I'm going to be sad to see it go.

Also, I may actually do a pedi w/ this color and that's saying something. I haven't dealt w/ my toes in awhile, other than general maintenence. I tend to only wear close toed shoes, so pedis are kind of worthless to me. However, I am going on a short trip in a few wks and I do plan on wearing sandals that weekend, so a pedi with this color (and that's saying something considering I usually prefer red on toes) may just be in order.

In short, I love, love, love and I'm kinda mad I didn't try it sooner. LOL. :)

BTW, I love the length my nails are now. Kind of in-between my BB Couture Dragon's Breath (longer) mani and my OPI Oui Bit of Red (super short) mani.

Additionally, while I was dealing with my horribly nubby nails, I really worked on them to help them grow. Here's a list of all I used:

- ProStrong BioFusion Nail Grafting Serum
- ProStrong ProAccelerator
- ProStrong ProCal
- Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition
- California Mango Mend
- Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil

And as you can tell from the pic above, my cuticles look better and the skin around my nails is less red. I've also been applying lotion religiously today, which is something I normally neglect to do.

I need to really make a point of being nicer to my fingers. Hopefully, it'll work.

One last thing... I caved and placed a TD order. Hell, I figure if my husband can eat lunch out everyday, this SAHM who has frozen meals for lunch everyday can replace nail polish for meals out. LOL. Didn't order any OPI (gasp), though. I figured I'd give Misa a go. Here's what I got:

- Misa Got to Be Reel
- Misa Forbidden Lust
- Misa Toxic Seduction
- Misa Russian Sage
- Misa Chocolate Icing
- Misa Dying Love
- Misa Carmine Treasure
- Essie Sexy Divide
- Essie It's Genius
- ChG Strawberry Fields
- ChG Blue Island Ice Tea

Should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. Can't wait!


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