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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in town...

As I mentioned last week, my sis and I headed to Charlotte, NC over the weekend to visit our cousin. Had a good time, but now I'm exhausted and wishing for a nanny for my twins so I can nap all day. We drove 11+ hrs in a 54 hour period. I'm so tired, and La did the majority of the driving.

I had plans to haul a few NPs, but it didn't happen. The BB&W in the Southpark Mall was out of Lippmanns, the Sephora looked like children had dug in all the sample pans and I just couldn't handle spending $9 on Sephore by OPI when I get OPI from TD for $5, considering the bottles look like shite. I did want to check out the NARS, but like I mentioned, everything was messed up. I did like looking at the Kat von D display and I'm planning on get my sis a KvD eye palette for her b-day. I did want to look at the Chanel counter, but it never happened. I was too worn out by then to haul my ass to Nordies. Thank goodness, Cheesecake Factory was there to save the day. :)

I redid my nails last night using a previous untried, OPI Ink. I love this color. This is what I wanted OPI RN to be like. It's a deep purple/blue with tons of blue and pink-red shimmer. RN and Ink look very similar in the bottle. On the nail, however, it's day and night. I like the color, but I was bored and I got my new Konad plates from OCNailArt over the w/e, so I tried plate m54. I used OPI California Raspberry to try and bring out the pink-red shimmer and I like the way it looks, but it's hard to photograph. I also did a funky french w/ the CR. I like the way it turned out, but it is different, that's for sure. Nothing like french in purple/blue and pink-red. This one may just last 2 days, though. I can see me getting bored quickly.

I do have pics, and I will post them later. I also have pics of OPI RttO and I will post them as well.


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