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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NOTD: Silver and Gold Skittles and Updates

Right Hand

Left Hand

So I was super bored so I figured I'd give this a shot. Gold is Essie Shift Power and Silver is Misa Got to be Real. I like it, I just don't think I love it. I'll probably leave it on for 2 days and take it off. However, I do like both GtbR and SP on their own and I think they play nice together. Shift Power was a little brushstrokey and it was harder to work with than GtbR (which looks more like a brushed silver than a shiny silver). I just don't know if this suits me. I look at it one minute and I like and I look at it another minute and I'm meh about it. I'm sure tomorrow when my sister comes over to pick up my nephew, who is spending the night, she'll be all "WTF did you do to your nails". LOL.

Like I (kinda) mentioned above, I'm trying a new strategy of leaving the glue-ons on for 2 days and then I give my natural nails the next night off. I apply ProStrong, Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition, and Sally Hansen Diamond Nail Hardener as well as lots of cuticle cream while I have the glue-ons off. It seems to be working. I am getting quite a bit of new growth and I'm hoping I can put polish on my natural nails in the not-so-distant future. I've also switched my nail glue to Kiss Pink Gel. It's much easier to use and it doesn't hold as long as other glues. Which you would think would be a reason not to use it, but considering I've shortened the time between application and removal, I'm cool with it not being as resilient. Also, I'm having a lot of breakage and bending on my thumb nails. I've tried 0s and 1s and it doesn't matter, they both have a tendency to bend or break on the sides. I'm using Nailene and while I think I prefer them in general, I think I may try using Kiss on my thumbs. They seem to be a bit sturdier, if they do look less natural.

Lastly, I have a picture (finally) of Lippman Purple Rain. As you can see, there are a 1000 things wrong w/ it, but, for me, the color wins me over. It's so pretty.

This was taken at night, in my kitchen (my office, LOL), because I was taking them off that night and I wanted to make sure I took a picture.


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