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Monday, June 15, 2009


Now that Zoya has made Truth, Dare, and Matte Velvet available for pre-buy, I am really fighting placing an order. I want all of Truth, Ibiza from Dare, and possibly Posh from MV. Both Scrangie and ALU have pictures of the sample nails and Truth looks amazing. I am really feeling metallics right now, so these are right up my alley. The colors in Dare look amazing, but since 80%, possibly more, of my collection is made up of non-cremes, I'm just not a huge creme person. They are okay and I have some I love (V&C, anyone?), but I love sparkly, glittery nails, so that's why I'm loving Ibiza. It looks so gorgeous on the sample nail. Also, I like the look of Posh better than some other mattes new on the scene (looking at you, OPI). It looks more like a satin than a total "absence of shine" matte. I may get it, too. Plus, there are 2 Zoya glitter polishes that I'd like to try... Kiki (pink) and Sienna (orange). Just trying to hold out for a few months.


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