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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So the Gold/Silver mani didn't last 24 hrs.

It may have not lasted 12. I can't remember exactly when I put it on last night, but I took it off around 9a this morning. It wasn't solely the mani's fault. I also had breakage on my thumbs. Stupid Nailene thumbs. I've put on Kiss 1s on my thumbs now, so we'll see if they hold up better than the Nailene.

And I was right. I did get a WTF? from my sister. Granted, the nails were gone by the time she got here, but the pics did get a look. Awesome. :P Aside from a red,white, and blue skittles mani I have planned for 4th of July, I don't think I'm going to do many more skittles. It just made me feel confused.

As for today's NOTD, I went old school and cracked open ye old bottle of INRAW. Yes, it's overused, and yes, it makes me think of 1999-2001, but dang if this isn't a gorgeous color. I couldn't decide between INRAW, Bogota Blackberry, or Soho Nice to Meet You and I was about to use SNtMY when I noticed it needed some thining and I didn't want to deal with it right then. I plan on using the other 2 soon, but I'm so happy with INRAW on my nails. I need to remember to use this more often. I'll try and post pics soon.


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