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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dancing w/ the Devil (again)

I know I've posted about my recovery from acrylics and my glue-on usage for months now. So, I'm sure the last thing it seems I would have done would be to get another set of acrylics. But that's exactly what I did. However, and this is a big, HUGE however, I did them myself. No drilling, no pain. I used the Lightening Fast Acrylics kit by Kiss. I found it w/ the nail stuff at Walgreen's and it was around $15 w/ tax. I just realized the other day that the glue-ons were killing my nails and I wasn't willing to go with naked nails. Aside from the actual look of them, they just hurt like crazy. I have to have something on them. So I figured putting acrylics over my natural nails is the best way to have them grow and be protected. But there was no way I was going to another salon, so I just got a kit and did them myself. I wish I'd done this back in November when I had the bright idea to get a full set. They are by no means perfect and I consider this first time a learning experience, but they look pretty good for a first time. I had to go to Sally's this morning and get some different buffers as the one in the kit sucked at buffing out all the bumpies, but the ones from Sally's worked great. I also need to get an acrylic cutter, but the cheapest one at Sally's was $15 so I passed. My camera's in the car, so once I get back from church tonight, I'll post pics.


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