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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glue-ons update

I've been experimenting with various glue-on nails and nail glue combinations and I think I've found a good one. Currently, I'm using Kiss tips and Bondini glue. The Kiss tips are just like the nails you get at your drugstore, but they are tips. There are 100 in a box, just like the nails and are around $6-7 a box. I got this box I'm using from my mom, so I can't attest to the actual price. I use the tips just I would use a full nail and then I cut them way down. They are so easy to hold because they are so long and since I'm using Bondini, anything that keeps me from glueing myself to the table is a plus. :)

I mentioned last week that I used Bondini and I didn't like the performance. Well, I'm guessing it's weakness was from the chlorine in my IL's pool. It's been holding strong since Monday afternoon. I even changed my polish (since these tips are thicker than full nails, I gave it a try) and it's still on there.

Current NOTD is OPI Miami Beet w/ a Konad french in OPI DS Exclusive. My camera's in the car, and I'm too chicken to go out and get it, as it's almost 2a, so I'll get a picture when the sun's up. :P


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