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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NOTD: BB Couture for Nails Kokomo with Orly Sol Cabana and ChG Turned Up Turquoise

First off, I apologize for all my designs being upside-down, but I konad like I am looking at the design, so when I take the picture with my fingers bent (which I find is the best angle for np photos), the design is upside-down. I should konad so I am looking at the image upside-down, as I see a lot of NBers do that, but it would drive me bananas. LOL.

This KOTD is BB Couture Kokomo with Orly Sol Cabana flowers and ChG TuT butterflies. I have both butterflies and flowers on my thumbs.

I really like Kokomo as a color. It's a soft buttercream yellow color. It was a bit difficult in applying if only that it was a bit streaky. This is 2 coats, but it could have used a third. However, sometimes 3 coats + TC has a hard time drying on glue-on nails, so I just did the 2. Plus, I was planning on doing a konad so I wanted to limit my number of coats. I don't think Kokomo alone necessarily works with my skintone, but once I added the konad designs, I like it much more with my skin.

This was the last of my 4 BB Couture polishes to try and the one I was the most apprehensive about. I really like it though, especially as a base color. It's such a soft, pretty color that I think this will be a go-to color as a base for konadding. I'm already planning a mani in my head using Kokomo and Misa Chocolate Icing. That would be so perfect for fall. Maybe the CI and a darker red.

As for Sol Cabana and TuT, I specifically got both of these colors to use for konad designs, but I could definitely see using them as pedi colors, for the 4x a year, I don't leave my toes nekkid that is. :P I may even try a mani using TuT as a base and my go-to Misa Got to be Real silver as the design color.


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