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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lookie what I just got!

Pretty cool, huh?
Vampire State Building is from the 2000 NYC Fall/Winter collection. It's a really dark, vampy red, and it's extremely HTF. I wasn't a np fanatic back then, so the only colors from the NYC collection I was familiar with were Soho Nice to Meet You and Grand Central Carnation. The first time I'd heard about VSB was in the OPI Colorcopia Game from a few months back. I loved the name and thought the color was beautiful, so for curiosity's sake, I'd looked for it once or twice on eBay, only to find out it was going for $30+ for this one bottle. Nutso. I hadn't really given it a second thought until the other day when I was checking out one of my new favorite sellers and she happened to list VSB for... get this... $8.99. She has other HTF polishes, but this was the first one like this I'd seen. So, I snatched it up thinking either I got a really good deal or I got taken. Either way $11 shipped was worth the risk. It looks 100% genuine to me, and I've compared bottle and swatch pics with others online and it looks identical. It's a beautiful color, one I have nothing similar to in my collection. The closest I have is St. Petersburgundy and it's too light to be a dupe.
I've kind of OD'd on OPI and I don't plan on buying any colors from the Espana Collection, but I do like to find HTFs. It's like a game. A game that drains all my money. :)


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