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Thursday, July 30, 2009

NOTD: Orly Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Polish is part of Orly's new fall collection "Once Upon a Time". It's a very deep forest green creme. It does look almost black in dark lighting, but in all other lights, it's definitely green. It has a dustyness to it that keeps it from looking like other green cremes out there, at least from what I've seen in swatches. It's one of the few dark greens I own, and the only creme. There are several companies that have introduced or are introducing green cremes lately, but due to cost, this is the one I chose. It was $3 and change from Victoria Nail Supply.

As an aside, if you haven't checked out VNS... do! It's a good e-tailer and one that doesn't get a lot of press. If you are a non-pro, you can only order Sation, Orly, Color Club, and China Glaze. Someone did mention that she was able to call and order d/c'd OPIs w/o being a pro, but you definitely can't order them online. Plus, I don't know if that was a one-time exception to their rule or if they let that slide if you call. I haven't checked. I think she said OPIs for non-pros were almost $7. So it wasn't like you were getting a bargain. However, their shipping was fast. I ordered a crap ton of ChGs, 3 CCs, and this lone Orly. I think I'm biased against Orly. For one, I hate their bottle cap. It's so stupid to me, and 2, I remember when Orlys were gallon sized (I think they were like 0.75 oz or something ridiculous like that). Now, they are 0.6 oz, which is still larger than the standard 0.5 oz. Also, they d/c'd Red Sea Pearl and I can't find it anywhere, and to rub salt in that wound... I had about 3-4 bottles of the color at various points in my 20's and I threw them away because they got goopy. :( Megan=Dumbass. I would kill for my old Orly bottles that I tossed.

But anyway, there was a point to my tyrade, I promise. As a result of the above, I don't own many Orlys. I have this new EF, Sol Cabana, and the one that supposed to be a dupe of OPI PPP and I'm too lazy to look up the name. At one point, I also had a light pink, but it sucked and I gave it away. Enchanted Forest's application reaffirmed my dislike for Orly. I swear, I'm getting pretty good at applying polish. With OPI's ProWide brush, I'm a ninja. I'm not quite as proficient with other brands, but man... this Orly kicked my butt. My fingers kinda looked like a drunk lady applied the polish. I was able to clean them up a bit, but it's not perfect. Grrr. I blame it on the stupid handle, but in actuality, I think it was the formula. It's kind of runny and not the easiest to control.

Additionally, I had some bubbling. I never get bubbling, so I have no idea what was up with that. I think I read that someone else on the NB had the same issues, so maybe it's just a couple bum bottles floating around. It didn't affect the color, but my nail surface looked awful. Because of this bubbling, I had to do something other than the konad I'd had planned. I looked in my stash and found Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor glitter. It looks fab over EF. Amazing, even. If you have EF and you have PH, give it a go and put the 2 together. You won't be sorry, I promise.

In short, ha... yeah right, after I wrote a novel... EF is a pretty color. It's good if you want to jump into the dark green creme pool, but don't want to fork over $18 for RBL Recycle, or some of the other, higher-priced options. I'm definitely going to try again soon to see if I can't combat those bubbling issues and pair it with ChG Cherish for a konad.


Lucy said...

I love dark green cremes. There aren't too many of them. I have to check out Victoria Nail Supply. Since when is Essie and Opi only pro colors. You usually can find them everywhere. That's annoying to me. I still want to try this collection. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Lucy, VNS has the entire collection. I guess Essie and OPI are pro colors only due to an agreement w/ the manufacturer. Not sure. I've heard some Sally's have this collection, but you may need to ask them. This was the only color that appealled to me.

I haven't tried any green cremes in the past. I have a few shimmers, Zoya Suvi and Misa Toxic Seduction. I also have ChG Emerald Sparkle. For some reason, dark green cremes just didn't appeal to me, but it was brand new on VNS and it was cheap so I figured I'd try it out. I like it, but I'm more of a shimmer girl, so it's not a favorite, but I do like it. I'm just too cheap to try any of the more expensive green cremes. If I fork out $18 for RBL, it's going to be for Locavore or Scrangie.

Skye said...

gorjuzzzzz i need this colour

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