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Friday, July 17, 2009

So the acrylic experiment didn't go so well...

I'm sorry for not posting for several days, but I've been in acrylic hell and I haven't really felt like showing off my nails.

Maybe I was doing them wrong or maybe the tip and dip kit just sucked, but they didn't last for more than 24 hours, in some cases, before they started lifting. I did 2 sets on me and a set on my mom and none of them lasted longer than 2 days. :( I've given up and gone back to glue-ons with a promise to myself to entirely soak off the suckers.

So anyway, while I was dealing w/ the acrylics mess, I did manage to take a couple of NOTD pics. Please pardon the acrylics, I know they don't look the best, and my cuticles are sad in a couple of them, but at least you can see the colors, right? :)

Okay, here's ChG Thunderbird

This is from the new Retro Diva collection. When I first saw the publicity pics and the swatch pics on ALU, I wasn't intrigued. Then Scrangie swatched them and I was a fan. I liked Thunderbird because it looked so similar to Zoya Isla (from the new Truth or Dare collection), but I didn't have to order (and use) a Zoya, because in recent months, my Zoya love has wained. I can't stand to use their little brushes and the formula just doesn't work for me. :(

Anyway, Thunderbird is so beautiful and while similar to several colors in my stash, specifically OPI INRAW and Bogota Blackberry (I'll make a separate post showing them side-by-side). It's a dark red shimmer than has this blackened thing going on that makes it just glow and sets it apart from other similar colors.

Once I took Thunderbird off, I did another mani on the acrylics using CC Revvvolution and ChG Adore konad. Here's a pic:

I thought this was so pretty on the nail itself, but once you factored in my skintone, I didn't really like it. I got Revvvolution because of it's similarities to OPI My Private Jet. I'd been wanting to try MPJ, but considering all the different versions, I didn't feel comfortabe ordering it from an e-tailer. Didn't want to play MPJ-roulette. :P

Revvvoltion is a pretty charcoal base with holo shimmer. I think this will be very nice for using as a konad color and on shorter nails. I like longer nails on other people and I envy those who can wear any color on their long nails, but certain colors look like poo on me if I leave my nails longer.

So after I took this pic, I started soaking off the acrylics. I've given up and I'm going back to my Nailenes. I put on CC Coastal Creme and let me just say that I love this color. Both CCs I've tried, CC and Revvv, have been excellent in application. CC did need 3 coats on my thumbs because of a little streaking, but that's it. It's a beautiful creme cream. That sounded weird.

Then today, I applied a konad design using ChG Joy. Here's a pic:

My cuticles are a bit dark from the Revvvolution. As hard as I tried, I could not make it all go away. I have to say that this is probably my favorite konad thus far. I love the ChG Romantiques for konadding, but more on that in a later post.

That's all for now. I will have more either tonight or tomorrow when I get another chance to sit down.


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