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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend mini haul and other ramblings...

So I think I have a compulsion to buy nail polish where ever I see it. We were in Big Lots on Friday evening and I happened to check the makeup section looking for some Revlons that were posted on the NB. Sweet Nothings, maybe? I can't remember the exact name. Anyway, so I found them... didn't like them, and saw these SHs instead. From L-R, Cardinal, Poppy, and Pink Sapphire. Unfortunately, I think Cardinal is going to the be only one I actually like. Poppy looks nowhere near as orangey-red as it did in the store and I think I have a dupe of Pink Sapphire, Maybelline Pink Carats, though PS looks darker. Cardinal, however, looks like a perfect true red, perhaps a cherry red. And I think it may be a jelly, but I can't really tell. They were only a buck, too, so not so bad. :)

Also, I received OPI Music Hall Curtain Call in the mail today. In the pic, it looks like a gold-tinged copper, but there's a little more pink in it, IRL. It's another one from the OPI Rockettes Holiday collection from 2006. I think the official name of the Rockettes collection is Kick Up Your Heels. This makes #4 in my collection from KUYH, with the others being Rose to the Ovation, Berry Good Dancers, and Star-ring the Rockettes. I'm also lemming Merry Crimson, Red Dazzle, Opening Night Champagne or I Get a Kick out of Gold, and Espresso Your Style. Though, since it's d/c'd and I'm having to buy off eBay, who knows if I'll get any more of these. It was an awesome collection, though.
I really think, however, that I need to slow down the buying. Not too long ago, I was freaking out about my car payment and my forgetfulness, and now, though things are okay, I'm buying polishes left and right. There is truly nothing that I need and buying for buying's sake is just a waste of money right now.
Lastly, I'm so over this mani I'm wearing. It's the same one that I posted about over the weekend, and it's just not working. I even applied a coat of Maybelline Golden Cloud over it and while it's helped, it still doesn't work with my skintone. I usually try to let my manis go 3 nights but I think I may soak this one off tonight and start over.


Lucy said...

I think we can all relate to the buying problem. It's really annoying when you see how many are almost dupes to another. I've never bought off of ebay. I've spared myself that much.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Lucy, eBay is totally addictive for me. You have the big sellers who sell either new stuff or d/c'd stuff at inflated prices. Then you have the small, obscure sellers, who only have a few polishes for sale at a time. I've managed to score some VHTF polishes for far less than what other sellers are asking. I got OPI Vampire State Building for $8.99. But, that's also the reason I need to stay off eBay. I find myself want to hoard all the polishes I can find just because they are HTF.

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