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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Essie 2009 Fall Collection

I know this has already made the rounds, but I received this in a press release from Essie a few days ago and thought I'd pass it on.

This Season, Cuddle with ColorEssie Introduces the Fall Color Collection Optimism rocked the runways at the Fall shows. Plush knits and vibrant furs in juxtaposing lazy grays and shocking brights offered a feeling of exuberance and buoyancy. Inspired by that emotion, essie created an exceptional compilation of hues for the Fall Color Collection.

“At the shows, designers showed striking tailored pieces in muted fabrics that exploded with bright pops of color – that was really refreshing and exciting,” explains Essie Weingarten, Founder/President of essie. “I applaud that fresh color perspective and chose to incorporate that trend into our Fall Color Collection – the mix of deep hues and happy brights is like no other collection we’ve done before.”

The essie Fall Color Collection includes six unique, wearable shades that are the perfect accessories to Fall’s fur-trimmed bomber jackets, neon wool capes and classic crisp blouses with slouchy cardigans. It is a conglomeration of style that is both exhilarating and uplifting. Essie's Fall 2009 Color Collection:

Chinchilly – Sleek granite gray

Angora Cardi – Deep dusty rose

Mink Muffs – Smoky plush taupe

Midnight Cami – Shimmering twilight blue

Bright Tights – Electric orange burst

Pink Parka – Piping hot pink

TIP FROM ESSIE WEINGARTEN: As the seasons change and the air is cooler, keep nails and cuticles moisturized with essie Apricot Cuticle Oil. Keep it by your bed and massage into cuticles every night. The Essie Fall 2009 Color Collection joins the award-winning lineup beginning September 2009 at http://www.essie.com/ and fine spas, salons and beauty destinations nationwide. SRP $8.00 USD.

My opinion? I didn't like this collection when I first saw the look of it on the NB and on various blogs, but I think it's growing on me. I'm especially eager to try Midnight Cami and (gasp) Bright Tights. I can't wait to do a mani (MC)/pedi (BT) combo with those 2 colors.

On first glance, Bright Tights seems not very fall-ish, and neither does Pink Parka, but then I got to thinking about colors you'd see on a ski slope, and in that regard, they seem very appropriate. Both Bright Tights and Pink Parka remind me of an outfit that Samantha Brown wore on her St. Moritz (I think) episode on Passport to Europe. It was hot pink and orange and I loved it (she bought it in St. Moritz, and I'm sure she spent a pretty penny even though it was last season). It especially looked great against the powdery, sparkly, blinding white snow.

Transdesign has been teasing us for weeks with this collection, but it still states "C/S" for "coming soon". I was going to order Midnight Cami and Bright Tights, at least, on my last TD order, but I couldn't wait that long (they had a few d/c DS OPIs that I knew would vanished if I waited). So, they'll just have to wait until I order a few from the OPI Holiday 2009 Collection. Boo TD. Whatever... I still love you. :P


Paige said...

I wonder what is up with the brights that are present in a lot of fall collections? Thank you for sharing this with us!

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