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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KOTD: OPI DS Sensation with Konad White Special Polish

(Pic is turned around, so you can see the konad design)

Sensation is from OPI's July 2006 Designer Series release. There were 3 other DSs released at the same time. Those being Royal, Dazzle, and Perfection. And before I go any further, I just have to mention how much I dislike the DS names. They sould like female American Gladiators... "and on the tennis ball cannon... it's Perfection" or "oh no, she better watch out Royal is going to grab her". Blurgh.

Anyway, Sensation is a bright pink shimmer. It's not a true holo like some other DSs, but it does have blue and purple flashes in bright, natural light and those flashes look a teensy bit holo (if that makes sense). It's a beautiful color and is very girly. I've had this on since Sunday, so I'm kind of ready for a change. I didn't really like it on me until I added the konadding. Also, this color is what I wanted Lippmann Shut Up and Drive to be. Same concept, but I prefer Sensation much more over SUaD.
This color is d/c'd, but you can get it online on eBay (for pretty reasonable prices) or at TD for $6.95. Though, you know the drill... only order from TD if you are going to haul. Helps to balance out the shipping. Otherwise, eBay is your best bet.

This is my third DS polish with the other 2 being Fantasy and Exclusive. I have since given away Exclusive to my lovely sis. It was pretty, but it's very holo, and I just don't think that "smack yo mama" holos work with me. So I'm happy that Sensation and Fantasy are more shimmers with a small hint of holo, if that. I have pics of Fantasy on my camera which I need to post for you all. It's gorgeous.

The konad design was made using Konad Special Polish in white and plate m59. I have terrible luck with Konad Special Polishes. I can never get them to fully transfer to the nail. That's why you can see some imperfections and inconsistencies in the design. I know that many people use Konad White and Black as their go-to polishes for those colors, but I much prefer my Romantiques to Konad SPs. Now, there's no white in the Romantiques, but I'm considering trying ChG White Out the next time I need a white polish.

Hope you guys like this one. I'll try and be back tonight with another post and more pics.


Paige said...

That is so cute, I have yet to try that DS color!

Lucy said...

That's a sweet and pretty look. I love the DS line and I wish I had them all. Guess I will have to check out ebay for the discontinued. Darn! I love that Konad bow.

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