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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mojo found!

I'm finally able to post a real post now after having Revlon Runway Collection glue-ons on my nails for almost a week. I will post a review of these as my next post, but for right now, I wanted to show you all my latest NOTD.

I've been kinda down in the dumps recently because nothing seemed to be going my way lately in nail polish land. I felt like I was having to slap coats of glitter on to hide my bad polish choices and unfortunately with glue-ons, you can't just take it off and start over. If I hate my polish, I have to either try to live with it for a few days or soak off a set of newly applied nails. Either way, it sucks.
Well today, I received my latest VNS order. I've recently found myself drawn to Color Clubs and holy, moly do they not disappoint. The price is great and the formula and application are amazing. CCs almost apply themselves on me. Pretty awesome for a polish that's under $3. I ordered:
Naughtycal Navy
Tru Passion
Sexy Siren
Magic Attraction
Rodeo Fanatic
Sky-High Top

I also placed a TD order on Friday that should arrive tomorrow. Like I mentioned on the NB, I've fallen in love with blue polishes. I can't get enough of them.
So anyway, given my loss of my nail polish mojo, I was feeling a bit of trepidation today when I applied my color. Part of my wanted to go for something tried and true that wouldn't be a disaster, but then another part of me wanted to go for something crazy. I opted for crazy, but something I knew would more than likely work on me.

CC Tru Passion

and an out-of-focus close up so you can see the sparklies

This color is so beautiful that I found myself stopping at red lights and turning on my car's interior light just to look at it. :S Truly gorgeous. The color is a true purple that leans cool. The glitter looks to be a lighter shade that the base, but just enough to make it interesting. I'm wearing 4 coats of TC and it's still chunky. However, you can't see the chunkyness because of the glitter. Also... you know what? This kinda killed my lemming for the RBL glitters, specifically Fashionista. It's not identical and probably, if anything, a second or third cousin, as it doesn't have both silver and purple glitter, and Fashionista, itself, seems to lean a bit more pink, but still... lemming squashed. BTW, this was 2 coats.
If I painted my natural nails, I could definitely see this being a PITA to remove, but as I wear glue-ons, all I have to do is soak them off. I don't have to scrub glitter for an hour. I was thinking earlier tonight that perhaps wearing glue-ons for glitters would be a good tip for all you girls with natural nails that hate wearing glitter for the removal process alone. Just soak them off and you're good to go.
So, do you love Tru Passion? I think it is fab and I can't wait to try Sexy Siren.


Lucy said...

That is a beauty! I'll have to check and see if I have this polish. I love glitters and don't mind the trouble they are to get off. I use a jar of acetone polish remover with bristles in it. Makes the job much easier. I keep making orders at TD and VND and then not going thru with it. All that time wasted. I can understand looking at your nails sparkle. I do that when I'm typing and the light from the lamp hits my polish. I just have to stop and admire!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Lucy, TY... I love it. I didn't even know that CC had a collection of glitters until I was nosing around VNS about a month ago. I used to shop solely at TD and didn't know much about CC.

As for the making orders and then not pulling the trigger, I do the same thing. I finally get to the point where I have to go through with the order. In fact, that's what happened last week.

I hope you have this in your collection. It's probably one of my favorites now.

Nicole said...

Oh, that is gorgeous! Glad it got your mojo working again. Sometimes it just takes that one polish.

Paige said...

That is a gorgeous polish! I am glad that you are not down in the dumps anymore, I love how nail polish can cheer anyone up!

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