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Sunday, August 16, 2009

NOTD: ChG Sky-High Top w/ Cina 3D Daisies decals

EDITED to replace to "no flash" picture with one that didn't make look jaundiced. Still "no flash", though.

Saturday night, I put on a new set of nails and I couldn't for the life of me decide on a color, so I pulled several from my stash and asked my husband to decide. I let him choose from CC Sexsea, OPI Red Like Roses, ChG Sky-High Top, and Misa Forbidden Lust and Lounging by the Pool. An odd lot, I know, but all but Misa FL were new acquisitions, and I was curious to try them. So, I told him my previous mani was a deep blue (OPI DS Fantasy... pics to come soon), but he still picked ChG Sky-High Top. Here are pics:

no flash, artificial light

flash, artificial light

I first saw this color when the collection came out, but it wasn't until I saw it on on Nailz-In-Aus's blog that became instantly smitten with it, and I added it to my VNS order on a whim. Boy howdy, am I happy I did. Sky-High Top is from ChG's Summer 2009 Custom Kicks collection. I own one other polish from this collection, Sneakerhead, and while I've swatched it, it still remains untried. It's still available at e-tailers and eBay sellers, but I'm certain that all Sally's that had this collection had clearanced it out as it's not in the regular line up (pssst, ChG... it should be :P ).

The application process itself was fine. The formula was a little thick, even thicker than normal for ChG. However, as long as you made sure you had a decent amount on your brush, there were no real problems. The wand did slip out of my hand at one point and in my flurry to catch it, I ended up with polish on my table, clothes, and um... forehead. :P Although, that was completely user error and had nothing to do with the polish application. LOL.

As for the end result, all I can say is Ho.Lee.Crap-adoodle. My love for blue polish has recently reached new heights, but this is by far the most balls-out blue I've tried thus far. It's "smack yo mama" blue. ChG describes this color as periwinkle. Um, not so much. IMO, the actual color is more of a cerulean blue, or perhaps an azure blue, or maybe a happy medium between the two, but it's not periwinkle. At any rate, it's really, really pretty and I can't stop looking at it.

The decals are Cina 3D decals in Daisies. I got mine at Sally's for around $3.50-ish a card. However, if you are really into nail art, you may want to try ordering from Cina directly. They are around $1.70 a card at http://www.cinapro.com/. I placed an order with them earlier in the year and while shipping is high (around $10), if you order several decals, it's a much better deal. They have tons of nail art on clearance, too, stuff Sally's still has at regular price. If you love nail art, but hate the hassle of konad (like I used to), you may love these nail decals. I use a pair of long bent tweezers to apply them, and since they are sticky on the back, you just have to apply them and seal with TC. It's super easy.

Now, everyone around me has been kind of giving me funny looks at my blue nails. Everyone except my husband who picked the color and loves blue, and my 14 year old friend, who just happens to be our babysitter. They said it was awesome, so that's good enough for me. :) Also, and I think this is the best opinion out of them all, my 3 year old daughter loves them so much, she cried because she didn't have blue nails with yellow and white stickers

One last thing... you may notice that my nails are longer in this pic than in other past NOTDs. Rather than using my tried and true Nailene Short Active Square nails, I used Kiss Square Tips. Even though they are labelled as Tips, I have no problem applying them as full nails. You may need to file the bottoms just a bit to fit your nail shape, but that's it. Plus, they are really long which allows you to cut them to many different lengths.

Hope you all like this one, it's probably one of my favorite colors in my collection (hmmm... I need to put together a top 10 list), and in fact, this mani is now my profile pic on FB. Now that's love. :)


Paige said...

These are gorgeous, I love how they turned out!

Lucy said...

Love your nails. I'm going to check out some nails stickers. Are you going to paint your daughters nails blue? Your husband has good taste. It's okay that you wore blue previously! I have this but it's an untried. I sure wouldn't call it periwinkle.

Anonymous said...

I love that colour! And the stickers look so good with it!

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