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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Product Rec: Out the Door Top Coat

I'm not sure how many of you are like me, but I am continually search for the perfect top coat. I am not a fan of Seche Vite. It's much too thick for my liking. Also, I have tons of bubbles with SV. I rarely have them with another TC.

Recently, I've been using Rush High Speed from Sally's and while I like it, there are things about it I would change. For one, it is the polar opposite of SV in consistency, and given my dislike of SV's thickness, you'd think that would be a plus. Unfortunately, it's too runny. I have to be very mindful of how much I have on my brush, or I'll have it all over my fingers. It does thicken up over time, which kind of brings me to my next dislike. I get the big pro size bottle, because it's easier to handle than the smaller bottle and it's a better value, but I always have to get a new bottle when the old one is 2/3rds gone. That last third gets too gumpy. I've added thinner in the past and while a little helps, too much changes the formula too much, so it never dries. Lastly, Rush TC tends to not play nice with Zoya polishes. I find Zoyas to be fickle on the whole, but on Zoyas that take 3 coats, they never cure with the Rush TC. Not only are they dentable hours later, they are a gooey mess.

So yesterday I found myself in Sally's (for the second time, mind you) looking for a good TC. Since I don't like SV, I only had 2 real options left... Poshe and Out the Door. I got OtD, figuring I could try Poshe if OtD didn't work for me. I haven't tried it on Zoyas yet, so I don't know if the problem will continue with the OtD, but I will give it a test run before I take my current nails off. However, for general use, this TC rocks. While Rush is fast, OtD is crazy fast. It claims on the bottle that it takes 45 seconds to dry, and while the nails were still dentable a couple minutes later, they were dry to the (light) touch. Within 15 minutes, they were dried completely. I definitely plan on keeping this bad boy around.

OtD is available at Sally Beauty Supply. I got the small bottle which is .5 oz for $3.99 w/ my Sally's card. They also have a humongo bottle, which I think is 2.5 oz for $8.99. I'll probably get that one when this one runs low.

So, if you are looking for a new TC, check out OtD. If you don't have a Sally's in your area, you can find it at Sally's online. If you do a Google search, you can also find it in various other sizes at other online beauty suppliers. There's even a 16 ouncer. Wow. Now that's a crap ton of TC. :P


Lucy said...

I'd be afraid of 16 oz's. I wouldn't want it to thicken up. Maybe it wouldn't but I just can't imagine that size! I'm almost finished with Poshe. I have to keep thinning it. It still works well. The Seche Vite I did love but halfway thru the bottle and it's so thick. It will also only thin out with their brand of thinner. I tried another brand and it wouldn't thin out. The search continues...

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Lucy, I'm assuming the big honkin' bottle is for the pros. But I could imagine using it if you painted your nails every day. I really like OTD. I've stopped using my previous TC entirely.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information.!! I will certainly visit our local Sally Beauty store to check out OtD.

Paz123 said...

I like to shop at Sally Beauty... I got hair shampoo and condition from here!!

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