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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad News

As you may know, I'm a SAHM. Thus, my husband is our only source of income. I realize that given the times, me telling you all that he got laid off today shouldn't come as a huge shock, but considering his employer kept telling him that there were no worries, it definitely was blow. He's devastated (it was his first real job after college), and I'm worried sick about what to do now. I haven't had a job in 2 years and I was my previous employer since 1999, so job hunting is a little daunting to me. He's a test engineer, so finding something in his field is going to be difficult. I keep hoping we are going to wake up and this is going to be a horrible nightmare, but no dice. I had to send my daughter to stay w/ my sister for the rest of the day, and she'll probably go over there after preschool tomorrow, as she is sick over the fact that mommy and daddy are upset. She didn't stop crying until my sister came and got her. :'(

So, I hate to do this, but I think I'm going to have to cancel my giveaway. Given the fact that our financial situation is grim ATM, even spending a few dollars to mail a package is definitely out of our budget. I tried to call and cancel the Philosophy order I place yesterday, but unfortunately, it was already in the process of being shipped. Not sure what I'm going to do there. So my personal money is of course, going to be nil for awhile, so no new collections for Meg. :( It's okay. I just pray this gets resolved soon. I plan on reinstating my giveaway as soon as I can justify the shipping costs. I'm also having to put the other giveaway I had planned on hold.

I hope you all understand. I appreciate you reading and following my blog over the past 8 months. I still plan on being here, and posting N/KOTDs, but that's going to be all I can do for awhile.

Thank you so much,


Unknown said...

I wish you and your family all the luck in the world and I hope that something comes through soon for your husband. I can't even imagine the anxiety you both must be feeling. Take care of each other!

Paige said...

That is fine; we completely understand! I hope that your husband can find a job soon, and I hope that everything works out well for you. I look forward to seeing your Konads and NOTDs.

Jamie D. said...

I'm so sorry - just wanted to offer my condolences and my hopes that everything will work out soon for you both.

Myrna said...

Just wanted you to know I am so sorry.

Mary said...

I hope everything works out for the best for you and your family. :)

Tami said...

So sorry for you family. Try to stay positive :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to your husband. I know it's no consolation but my husband and I were BOTH made redundant at the start of the year. I am still not working (apart from my wedding photography but this does not earn enough to give an income at present) and he is in his second week of a work trial with a company who may not even end up taking him on. I know what that sick feeling is like when you hear the news, I can totally empathise. I hope things get better for you soon. Fingers crossed.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Thank you, everyone. <3 We are still working on our game plan, but we feel much better today than yesterday. Well, Tim feels better. I spent yesterday trying to console him, so I'm pretty much emotionally spent today. I am praying that something will happen quickly, but we are prepared for this to take awhile. Thank you again, I really appreciate it.

Kat said...

I hope and pray things will work out for you and your husband. Keep your chin up :)
Polishmehappy (Kat)

Lucy said...

Oh Megan I'm so sorry about your husband's job. I pray that his employer will call him back to work. I'll keep you both in my prayers. I totally understand about the giveaway. Don't even think about it.

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