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Monday, September 21, 2009

ChG Delight Swatch

In yesterday's KOTD post, I mentioned swatching ChG Delight on it's own. It's such an amazing color, and I don't think it's gotten it's due accolades. I don't think the Romantique collection in general has been praised nearly enough, to be honest, and I think I'm part of the problem. I only use them for konadding because they are pretty much flawless when used with a Konad. While I'll continue to use them as my go-to konad colors, I need to start using them as full-nail colors. There are some real winners in the collection.

While I didn't use it for a mani (yet), I did a quick and dirty swatching with Delight. Please see the post linked above for KOTD with Delight. And while I loved it for the konad, it was just as amazing on the nail by itself.

These pics are one coat. One. It was a wee bit brushstrokey, but given the finish, you'd think it would be a lot more difficult. As for the color, I know I sound like a broken record, as this is how I described it yesterday, but it looks like newly minted, uncirculated pennies. And though the collection was released in the spring, this color would be fab for fall.

I don't know if you can still find these in B&M stores, as the collection came out in the Spring. Perhaps at independent beauty supply stores, but Sally's has been out of these for months. I got mine from VNS, but all the big e-tailers carry them. And in the less-than $3 range online, it's perfect.


Paige said...

This is a great color, I really want to try some polishes from this collection for myself!

Jacie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacie said...

Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous comment. Delight is totally amazing - it's everything you want in a copper. Am so glad you did a full swatch of it - now it's something to add to my list of things to buy.

Lucy said...

This is a gorgeous color. I don't have too many of this collection. Your nails look lovely. I love any polish in the copper family. Perfect shade for the Fall.

Nicole said...

I'm currently working on building up this collection for myself as well, I know that I don't have Delight yet, I'll need to pick it up soon! It's quite pretty. I'd heard it was good for Konading, so I've picked up about 5 of these so far. It's pretty by itself, though!

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