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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guys, I think I OD'd


I'm starting to look at polish the way someone looks at food after they've eaten their weight in sesame chicken at a Chinese buffet. I recently placed an order at VNS for about 10 polishes and a handful of empty bottles. I was interested in trying my hand at frankening. I also place an add-on order for a bottle of Essie Viva La Vespa (yes, they still have them if anyone is interested). So in my email correspendence with Yen regarding my add-on order, so mentions that ChG OMG is OOS, and that "if I like I can order another polish to replace it... oh and they will have the CC Japanese glitters and CC Wild At Heart in stock w/in the next 2 days". Bestill my beating polish junkie heart. So of course, I have her add a set of the glitters and 2 from the WAH collection on to my order. Yay!!!

Then the order comes. I tear into it like a woman possessed. Start frankening w/in 10 minutes. Created an awesome teal by using ChG Shower Together and Sation Black and a gorgeous black/gold like the one Dr. Frankenpolish created earlier in the year. Then something happens. NP overload. I like everything I got, but I'm not excited anymore. I can't even get myself to add all the bottles to my stash. I look at my polish stash and it's like I just discovered Santa is really my parents. The wind has officially been taken out of my sails. BeautySak was offering a new code and I could finally try my RBL lemmings, but I wasn't even interested. Wha? Aaaaand, rather than getting polish w/ my personal money for these 2 wks, I bought 5 Philosophy 3-in-1s (dang Philosophy code).

Oh, I still plan on doing my nails and blogging about it and I have a pretty decent stash with which to do so, but I think for now, my wallet can breath a sigh of relief (I say that having splurged on Philosophy, LOL). Maybe when OPI's new Holiday collection reaches the e-tailers (certainly this won't last until Wizard of Oohz Aahs makes it's redux), I'll be ready to fall back off the wagon or jump back on it... depending on how you view the situation. LOL.

Has this happened to any of you? Am I broken forever?


AllYouDesire said...

I think this is normal :) don´t worry. I had this once or twice also. Just try not to buy any polish for a while and as soon as a new collection catches your heart, you´ll be back :)

Aurora's Nails said...

I laughed out loud at the sesame chicken comment...like AllYouDesire said, it's normal. :)

Lucy said...

I get like that also. I just started ordering lately. Just reading the blogs and looking at all the gorgeous polishes will bring it all back.

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