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Monday, September 21, 2009

NOTD: WnW Black Cream w/ Fantasy Makers Black Magic

I first saw this look on Scrangie's blog in a post she did last year. I fell in crazy love with the look of the Black Magic over a black creme. Unfortunately, Fantasy Makers is a line of Wet N Wild cosmetics that only come out at Halloween. Of course, I saw her post in February, which made the wait for this a long one. :S

As you may have guessed, I'm a HUGE internet shopper. I love being able to load up my cart, click "BUY" and get my goodies in a few days. It's like instant satisfaction (when I buy them) and Christmas (when I get them) all rolled up into one. So, having to go into stores to hunt for np is a total PITA for me. I feel like I can never find what I want whether it be at DT, Sally's or a drugstore. Unfortunately, this one of those brands that you can only get by hoofing it into a drugstore. I'd checked a couple of Walgreen's for FM recently, but no dice. So, today when I had to go into CVS to get my son some children's Claritin, I happened to check out the Halloween display and lo and behold... they had them. Despite my no-buy, I had to pick one up. It was only $1.99, and I'd been lemming it since February.

I also picked up a bottle of 99 cent WnW Black Cream, as the only true black I have is Zoya Raven and Zoya and I are not on speaking terms at the moment, so I had to pick one up. I have to say, that I felt like a goth teenager with my bottle of WnW black. LOL.

Holy Smokes, I love this. It was amazing on Scrangie, and while I don't have her cuticles or her nails, I love it on me just as much. Black Magic is tons of multi-colored, non-holo, bar glitter suspended in clear polish. For this look, I used one coat of Black Cream and 2 coats of Black Magic (sorry, I can't abbreviate this one BM... just can't... LOL). I also use 2 coats of OTD TC.

This mani is so festive that I can't wait to use it for New Year's Eve. It reminds me of something from my childhood, though I can't place what. I think it may be a sweater I had that was black with multi-colored marled yarn woven through it, but I'm not exactly sure. At any rate, I adore it and considering it was dirt cheap, I love it even more.

I did try Black Magic over a few other colors, and while it's pretty, it doesn't have the same WOW factor. So, this may be something that only should be used over black. I'll have to try it over some darker colors just to make sure. The bottle only contains .33 oz, which is smaller than a regular bottle of polish, so I may need to pick up a back up before Halloween is over.

I know I've been a bit post happy lately, with swatching and current and previous K/NOTDs, so that should do me for a few days. LOL.


Lucy said...

My girlfriends was in Walgreens Sunday and picked up about three or four of these polishes for me. I was thrilled that this was one of them. I put in over an old manicure of OPI's Rainstorm. It looked pretty but not as magnificent as it is over black!

Paige said...

That looks stunning! I am glad that you remembered to recreate it!

erin said...

I totally bought two bottles of this when I saw it too!!!

Nicole said...

Looks like a party on your nails! So much fun. I've been looking for this steadily, no luck yet in my stores. I'm sure it will show up late, the stores in my area are notorious for not having things when everyone else already has them. That's why now I much prefer to order polish online!

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