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Monday, September 7, 2009

Previous NOTD: Misa A Sin Worth Committing w/ ChG Awaken

I had to sing a solo yesterday at church, something that makes me very nervous. So I decided to take off Atlantis Saturday morning and put something on that made me feel confident. I had a bit of a fiasco with OPI If the Fuchsia Fits, so I had to completely soak off my new set of nails and reapply another set. That's why my cuticles look ragged in this pic.

A Sin Worth Committing is from Misa's Fall/Winter 2008 Poisoned Passion Collection. It's a brilliant dark blue shimmer, but it's not navy. It was opaque in one coat, but I did 2 just to make sure. I decided to apply ChG Awaken using plate m64. Awaken is a lighter charcoal grey shimmer. ASWC is still available at TD, and so is Awaken for that matter, but I got mine from VNS.

I did like this mani, and it did make me feel confident, but it looked so similar to a Maybelline Twinkle, Twinkle/Misa Got to be Real mani that I did a month or so ago, that I didn't keep it on long. I soaked it off last night. It didn't help that one of my nails never fully dried, and was still dentable last night, 24 hrs after application. Thus, I had a big knick in the nail.

Right now, I'm wearing OPI Who Needs a Prince? topped with some "nail jewelry" decals I got on eBay from HK. I plan on doing a post on these later tonight.

Hope everyone in the states is having a safe and happy Labor Day and if you aren't in the US, I hope you are just as safe and happy. :)


Inbaluly said...

I love this konad :-) great color combination!

AllYouDesire said...

Very nice! Thanks for the idea, will have to try also :)

Paige said...

Great konad! I love how subtle and pretty it is!

Lucy said...

Love this look. Very pretty design and your nails look lovely. What hymn did you sing?

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