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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Nails Part Deux

I posted about 2 of the Revlon Runway Collection Artificial Nails last month. I had plans of using another box sooner, but alas, I got caught up in other things. A few days ago, after my latest unfortunate incident with Zoya (the one that sparked my Dear John letter), I decided to try another set.

I tried Minx this time, and lemme tell you... it's my favorite thus far. This is the only one that has received compliments from strangers (thank you, girl in Target). She was shocked when I told her they were Revlon rather than spendy salon nails. Here's a pic of them:

I just took this, and since I've had them on a few days, they don't look as good now as they did before. Also, as the base of the nail is sheer, and I have damage to my natural nails, you can see the damage. Thankfully, this is something that you only see if you are looking at unforgiving macro photos, or if you were to stare at my hands for awhile.

The design on these is different than any other funky french (is it just me or does the phrase "funky french" make you giggle a little, too? LOL) glue-on I've tried. Thus far, it happens to be the most flattering on my hands. The nails is a peachy-pink base, with a white french tip. On the white tip, there is a black fishnet design, and between the french and the base is a thin silver glitter line. One thing I really like is that the design isn't the same uniform size. It varies based on the size of the nail. I thing that really helps in making these look like expensive nails.

The length is very short, though I think the package labels them as "medium", but these are far from medium. I kind of like this length, though. One of the fortunate things about wearing glue-on nails is that I can go from long to short to back again without any effort. I'd been wearing my nails pretty long, and I'm finding with these Revlons that typing is much, much easier. LOL.

It did take me 3 boxes before I was able to apply them without getting glue all over me, so there is a learning curve (as there is with just about any new nail/nail polish related product), but they are a great product. Plus, I'm a spaz, so you may have no problems. Speaking of the glue, Revlon glue is the best glue I've tried. Seriously. It's the only glue I use now. I wish I could buy the glue on it's own. I love it that much.

I'm really pleased with these Revlon nails. I especially love Minx. I may even buy a box of these to have on hand. Also, after trying these, I'm eager to try a few more of Revlon's Artificial Nails (the Color Allure nails in Revlon Red look awesome). I may pick up a pack of these next time I scout for np at CVS (the only place I've seen the Color Allures).


Aquaheart said...

they look soo good! I really have been wanting to try these! great post :)

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Aquaheart, Thank you. :)

Lucy said...

They really do look like natural nails. If I ever need the fake nails I would get the Revlon.

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