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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Couple Previous KOTDs, a Current NOTD and a Score!

I've been having some issues with my present nail/glue combo lasting for more than a day, so I have a couple KOTDs to show, both of which were removed before they'd even been on 24 hrs.

The first KOTD was achieved using Nina Pro In A Tiff, konad plate m64 and a combination of colors which included Misa Chocolate Icing, ChG Adore and Passion. I also matted it with Orly Matte Top. I swear I've become addicted to matting lately.

I loved this look on the nail, but once you saw the whole package with my hands and skin tone, it just looked odd. I was prepared to leave it on for a few days, but due to my aforementioned issues, it was lifting by that evening.

In A Tiff is a soft Tiffany-esque blue that is very similar to For Audrey. Unfortunately, there is too much light green in it for it work w/ my skin. Chocolate Icing is a rich metallic brown in the bottle, but on the nail, it looked like a brick red. Though, I bet w/ more coats, it would be bottle color. Adore is a metallic blue and Passion is a metallic gold.

Nina Pro is available at Sally's. Adore and Passion are from the Romantiques collection and though I have no idea what collection Chocolate Icing is from, it is available at TD. In a Tiff applied okay. This is 2 coats. It was a little thin, so it was a tad difficult to control.

This second KOTD is OPI Music Hall Curtain Call with plate m20 and ChG Passion, Cherish, and Poetic (I think... for some reason, my brain is shot today). I also used Matte Top.

Yes, another "falling leaves" konad. I loved the first one so much that I had to try it with another color combination and I may have to try it yet again, so if you get tired of the leaves, I apologize in advance. I loved this one as well, and MHCC actually worked with my skin because there is so much pink in it. Unfortunately, it was lifting up as well, so I had to remove it. I also had other issues (with both of these, in fact... but more on that in a bit).

MHCC is from OPI's Holiday 2006 Rockettes collection. It's a gorgeous pink-copper-orange-gold metallic. It kind of reminds me of Man of La Mancha, if MoLM had been a foil-ly metallic and not a duochrome. Shiny, it's a hard color to describe, but matted, it becomes a rusty orange with tons of pink undertones. That's why it worked with my skin. I have 4 from this collection and each one is a amazing. I got mine on eBay for ~$7, and I think at this point, it's only available at eBay or in a dusty. This is 2 coats.

Lastly, 2 of my local Krogers are closing to consolidate into one big Kroger. I'm a little miffed about them closing my favorite Kroger, but since they are marking down all cosmetics to clear them out, I'd dealing. Last night, my sister and I happened to go to the other Kroger that is closing (I've already shopped the one near me 3-4x). And lo and behold, they had an OPI Espana display on the top shelf. WHA??? They were marked down to $3.99. There were only 4 left, but I snatched them up. Then some older woman proceeded to stalk me for 10 minutes seeing if I'd put them up. No way, lady... these were mine. I got Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow, Suzi Skiies the Pyrenees, No Spain No Gain, and Pamploma Purple (my current NOTD). I was so excited I couldn't pass them up, despite my no buy.

Finally, here's a pic of Pamploma Purple. No flash, so you can get a true color representation.

I apologize for the glue around my cuticles. I've since cleaned it off. As for the color, It's an amazing plum-my purple with very fine and sparse purple shimmer. In fact, you'd think this was a creme until you got right on it and held your hand at just the right angle. The shimmer is not noticeable in the bottle. This is 2 coats and it applied like a dream. However, I did have an issue with it bubbling on 2 nails on my right hand.

Also, as I mentioned this earlier in this post, I wanted to tell you all of an issue I'm having with Orly Matte Top. Lately, it's taking forever to dry and it's making the polish very soft in the process, so I'm getting tons of dings. I think the problem is that I'm applying it over set, but not fully cured nail polish. I don't have this problem when I apply it over NP that is 1-2 days old.

Not sure if I'll be around much this w/e as I'm planning on finishing the murals in my kids' rooms. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.


Paige said...

I love your Falling Leaves manis! I really want to try them now!

Lucy said...

Funny, a stalking polish lady! That's a great price you bought them for. Your first manicure reminds me of wrapping paper. It's really pretty. The falling leaves I love. Looks so pretty.

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