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Friday, October 16, 2009

Migi Nail Art

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Migi Nail Art asking if I'd like to try and review a few samples of their product. As I'm always up to try new things, I said yes! I received the samples a few days ago, and lemme tell you... I think this is a fantastic new product for us amateur nail artists.

As you may have noticed, I love nail art. Up until I became an advanced novice on the konad, I tried striper pens and decals. Decals are okay, but some of them are a PITA to remove from the backing and they are pretty spendy unless you order in bulk from eBay or a company like Cina Pro. And you never know what you are going to get with the eBay items.

Striper pens, however, are the bane of my existence. They are just so hard to use and control, and while I can usually paint a deformed flower on my nail, there's no way I can get salon quality nail art with them, especially with my non-dominant hand.

Here's where I think Migi Nail Art fills the void. It's has a double cap on it so you can use a brush for painting your nails and the pen for drawing designs or creating swirls. There's nothing special about the brush, it's just your everyday nail polish brush (pic below), but the pen is perfect. It's a small point just like you'd see on a gel pen you'd get a Walmart (again, pic below).


pen point

This point allowed me so much control, even with my left hand. I did a simple design today, but in the future, I plan on doing more elaborate designs to try the products to the fullest. I think my next design will be a corset pattern. Here's what I did today...

This is the white Migi Nail Art pen over a base coat of Nina Pro Out of the Blue. As Nina Pro OotB is supposedly a dupe for Chanel Blue Satin, I immediately thought of pearls, due to the Chanel dupey-ness (since this post is a review of Migi Nail Art, I'll save my review of Nina Pro OotB for a post to follow). So I use the white pen to create small dots in random, chain patterns on my nails.

I adore this look. It's fun and was pretty easy to create with the Migi pen. I couldn't see myself being able to do this with a striper pen. I suppose if you had a dotting tool you could, but this was by far easier, IMO. I did have a little bit of streaking when I applied my TC (it doesn't look nearly as bad on the nail as it does in the macro pics. Yikes), but that could just be the fact that I only waited 10 minutes. You may have to give it a bit more time.

Migi Nail Art is available here. They have 5 sets available, in a variety of colors. They are $24.95 a set with each set being 8 colors (4 wands with 2 colors on a wand with screw link in between). I received 4 colors in my sample pack, black, white, red, and gold, and I plan to use them more in the near future.

In short, I whole-heartedly endorse this product. I love them so much, in fact, that I really want to try a few additional colors, and when I have some extra cash, I may pick up a set. If you love nail art like me, I suggest you give this product a try. I think you'll love it, too.


Paige said...

That sounds like a nice pen, I may go check it out!

Sarah and Family said...

I was so excited to use this product when I brought it home from an expo. But this last weekend I spilled some of my Migi Art polish on my kitchen chair and it ate away all the varnish and paint all the way to the wood. I can only imagine what it was doing to my skin and nails. I will be staying away from this stuff. YEIKS!!!

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