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Friday, October 16, 2009

NOTD: Nina Pro Out of the Blue

I posted a pic of this color in my review of Migi Nail Art, but I'll post it again just in case you didn't see the Migi post.

A few months ago, I was jones-ing Chanel Blue Satin pretty hardcore. I kept stalking it on eBay and on Chanel.com, but I never got around to pulling the trigger. I did a web search for dupes and Ballz and Thinner mentioned that Nina Pro Out of the Blue is a good dupe of the Chanel. I picked it up at Sally's for around $3 and finally got around to putting it on last night.

It applied well in 1 coat. I had a bit of texturing on my thumbs, but I blame that one my TC. I don't really like the tiny wand on the Nina Pro brushes, but that's my only application complaint. As for the color, I do like it, but if it is as dupey to the Chanel as it looks in pics, then I'm glad I just spent $3. It's a pretty color. A deep, rich, almost-black navy with a hint of shimmer, and for dirt cheap, I love it. Had I spent almost $30 on it, I would have been a little underwhelmed. It seems that the more I spend on a polish, the more I expect choirs of angels to sing while I'm applying it. It's not as pretty on the nail as it is in the bottle, but for 3 bucks, I'm just fine with it.

Nina Pro is available at Sally Beauty Supply and for the month of October, Nina Pros are $2.99 each. They are normally near the floor, which bugs the crap out of me. They have some really cute colors, so if you are in Sally's and are in the mood for cheap polish, check out the Nina display. I have 2. This one, which I love, and In a Tiff, which I love in the bottle, but not on me.


Lucy said...

That's a pretty shade. I just can't see paying that much money for polish. I know I've spent the money for some RBL & Lippmann special collection. I figure on more quanity. I don't know if the polishes are better the more expensive they are!

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