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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

No Thanksgiving Day mani this year.  I'm still sans glue ons and my super nubbins just aren't ready for polish, so I'm still sporting the Dermelect Makeover ridgefiller color.  It's nice, but not the OPI Music Hall Curtain Call konad I had planned.  It was probably going to be another "falling leaves" mani, so I'll just post the one I did a couple months ago.  Pretend it's on my nails now.  :P

Sigh.  Maybe one day my real nails will be that long.  I doubt it, because my natural nails are pretty thin and brittle, but I know a lot more about taking care of nails, due to the MUA NB, so I'm hopeful, if still skeptical.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving...  In a year where I didn't think I would have had a lot to say I'm thankful for, due to my husband's current job situation, I'm having to find myself look at things from a different perspective.  Maybe it's that my meds are starting to kick in, but despite my fears that the current plan of Tim getting a TSA job, no matter his experience, won't pan out (and I think that's just my general pessimism kicking in (I tend to be an optimist towards anyone other than my immediate family), I'm feeling pretty happy this year.  I know.  Buh?  LOL.

So here's my "thankful" list (I'm a bit long winded, so fair warning :P).  Feel free to share yours as well...

- I'm thankful for my family.  Not just my little one, of Tim and my twins.  I'm thankful for all of them.  I still think of myself as part of my parent's family in addition to the fact that I know I have my own family.  I'm crazy close to both my mom and my sister, and my father, too, though to a lesser degree.  I have a wonderful BIL, who has been with us for 14 years now, so he's pretty much my brother at this point.  My nephews are the coolest little boys, and I can't believe they are now 7 and 5.  M and T, why do you have to grow?  Stop it.  LOL. 
- I'm thankful for my daddy.  We almost lost my daddy this year.  On January 30th, my mom called to tell me they were taking daddy to the ER from the doctor's office.  His BP was low and he had a "spot" on his foot.  My father is diabetic, and is prone to infections like staph and MRSA (super scary stuff).  By the time he'd been in the ER an hour, the spot (which was sepsis) had taken over half his foot.  They had to do an emergency amputation and we were told he probably wouldn't make it through the surgery.  My sister and I were actually planning who would handle what regarding final arrangements since we knew my mother couldn't handle it.  Well, he pulled through.  He was in the hospital a month and had to have more of his leg amputated to just below the knee.  He's now on a prosthesis and doing so much better than he was before.  He can still be a surly ass, but we are very thankful and grateful to have that surly ass still with us.  :)
- I'm thankful for my husband and my children.  I love you Tim, Blake, and Amelia.  Tim, you will get a job soon, and I am so fortunate to have you.  You are willing to move 8 hrs away from your children just to change our situation, and I love you so much for doing whatever has to be done.  Blake and Amelia, you are doing so well in school.  All your therapies have helped you so much and I know by the time kindergarten rolls around, you will be so prepared.  I can't believe you will be 4 in January.  Being your mommy is the best thing in the world.  You are awesome little monkeys. 
- I'm thankful for my in-laws.  Sure, like everyone, I sometimes think my ILs, especially my FIL, are from Mars, but for the most part, I really lucked out.  They don't intrude in our lives and they are great with their grandchildren.  They have also helped us so much during these 3 months.  I don't know what we would have done without them. 
- I'm thankful for my beliefs.  I'm a Christian and I'm so thankful I'm saved, and everything that entails.  I'm such a private person regarding my beliefs that it's very hard for me to put that out there, as I think religion is such a personal thing, but as long as I'm naming thankful things, I might as well name the big one.  :) 

Okay, I think that's it.  Oh, I could say I'm thankful for our house, and our cars, and our savings that helping us make it through, but that just seems silly.  I am thankful for all those things, but they just don't seem to matter all that much in the big scheme of things.  Wow.  These meds are really kicking in.  Okay... I'm thankful for Effexor.  :P  LMAO!

US girls, I hope you have a wonderful T-day, and international girls... I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.  :)


Paige said...

Very pretty mani! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lucy said...

Love the manicure. Very pretty. Great post on thankfulness. I'm thankfull for Effexor also. It's really helped me.

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