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Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the Meantime...

As I'm not really able to polish my nails at the moment, I'm coming up with other (more constructive) ways to occupy my time.  After I had my monthly panic attack, after paying bills, I decided to clean my garage.  We live in a pretty small house (app. 1200 sq ft), so our garage is more like our storage space, rather than where we park our cars.  We gave up on that years ago.  It's where I keep my pantry, our lawn and garden stuff, and any other odds and ends that won't fit in the house.  It's also our laundry center.  Usually about 1-2x a year, I do a major overhaul of the space.  I always have plans to totally reorganize it, but I usually peter out 2/3rds through.  Well, I was determined not to do that today.  Over the past few months, our garage has really gotten gross.  No organization at all, and it's pretty much where our crap went to be forgotten.  So, I tried to forget about our money woes and focus on something positive for a couple hours. 

Girls (and guys), it looks amazing.  Now, I still have some final organization to do, and we are now planning on moving our exercise equipment and possible the Wii out there, but from where it was at noon today, it looks awesome.  Once it's all finished, I plan on posting some pics, but as it's not complete, I'd rather wait for the big reveal. 

And now that this is (almost) complete, I can start on other rooms in the house.  As it's hard to really clean a room in the house when the garage is junkie (because it seems like I'm always moving stuff out there for storage).

As for my nails... I'm actually getting some growth.  The tips are no longer painful and I think I'm on the road, though at the beginning still, to recovery.  I'm sans Dermelect at the moment, as I took it off right after T-day and haven't had a chance to put it back on.  I plan on doing that tomorrow.  Also, I've applied about 4-5 applications of SH Nail Nutrition as I know that's a sure fire way to get some quick growth on my nails.  I plan on definitely still using the Dermelect, though, as while I'm getting a bit of growth, my nails still need thickening and repair.

That's all for now.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday.  I'll be back soon with a forgotten picture from my camera (a DT Maybelline), as soon as I can find it.  LOL.


Lucy said...

Got any stuff to have a yard sale? That can make you some money. It also feels so good to get things organized. Hope your nails grow fast.

Paige said...

I can't wait to see the garage completed, it slways feels so good to finish a project like that!

Anonymous said...

I also can't wait to see the piccies of your garage! I kind of envy you like that--I really don't have the stick-to-it-ness that you do for projects like this. Anyway, if it helps, I recommend Nailtiques/NailTek formula 3 for brittle nails or nails that have seen artificials for quite a while. I use the formula 2 for my own nails.

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