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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sinful Nail Junkie vs. ChG Atlantis

As you may be aware, Sinful Colors are B1G1F this week at Walgreen's.  And though I'm on a no-buy, I still allowed myself to pick up a few because they were essentially a buck each.  One of the colors I got was Nail Junkie.  As soon as I took it out of the display, I was reminded of ChG Atlantis, one of the new specialty glitters ChG put out a couple months ago.  So I figured it would be a good comparison post.  In fact, I remember someone asking on the NB how Nail Junkie compared to Atlantis.  I don't remember the responses though, so I just decided to do my own.  :)

Based on bottle pics alone, NJ and Atlantis look remarkably similar. 

Both are an aqua/teal base with glitter.  One of the main differences you notice in the bottle is that NJ has golden based glitter and Atlantis has silver based glitter.  Also, the glitter in NJ is different sizes, while it looks to be uniform in Atlantis. (EDIT: it's not uniform in Atlantis, you can see the difference if you enlarge the pics).   Lastly, Atlantis has holo glitter while NJ does not.  Those three differences aside (which I know to a NP addict seem like big differences), they do look like they would look fairly similar on the nail. Unfortunately, the bottle is where the similarities end.

I've already posted about the awesomeness of Atlantis, if you want to see a post about it alone (just click the link).  It really is an amazing polish.  NJ, however, not so much (on it's own, that is).  It looks so promising in the bottle, but alone, it just doesn't work, IMO.  The base is very sheer, unlike Atlantis.  Here's a pic of one coat of each polish:

Atlantis is on top, NJ is on bottom.  See how pigmented Atlantis is compared to NJ?  You can barely see base color in NJ.

Here's my final pic.  This is three coats of Atlantis and four coats of NJ:

NJ is on the left and Atlantis is on the right (sorry for all the turned pictures, blogger is not cooperating with me since I changed to the new editor). 

In this pic, you can see just how different they are.  They look like they would be so similar, but NJ is definitely a layering polish while Atlantis can be worn on it's own.  I know I used three coats of Atlantis in this pic, but it was pretty much opaque at two.

Also, I know I've pretty much complained about NJ in this post, but if you plan on getting and using one of these two for layering, I think NJ is your best bet.  It's very sheer, which on it's own is pain, but in layering, when you want the bottom color to show through, I think it would be ideal.  I think it would be beautiful over black or even a blue/green color like ChG TuT, Sinful Aqua, or OPI Teal the Cows Come Home.  You could also add a coat of ChG Fairy Dust if you wanted it holo like Atlantis.  For me, Atlantis is just too pigmented for layering. 

You can find Sinful Colors at Walgreen's, some Targets (mine just recently got them), and online both at Cherry Culture and Sinful's own website.  While Walgreen's doesn't have as big a collection as the online sites (Target's selection seemed smaller than Walgreen's), they do have the most sales and the cheapest everyday price point.  They are normally $1.99 at Walgreen's and like I mentioned above, this week, they are B1G1F. 


Paige said...

Great comparison!

Lucy said...

Thanks for the comparison. I have Atlantis. I won't be tempted to get Nail Junkie.

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