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Thursday, December 3, 2009

ChG Up and Away

I know this has made the rounds already, and I wasn't going to post it, as it seems I'm at the end of ChG's press release list, but I fell in love with this picture.  So I just had to post it.

Introducing the All-New Up & Away Collection
Los Angeles, CA − December 2009 − China Glaze®, the nail lacquer collection with celebrity fans such as Rihanna, Nicole Kidman and Rosario Dawson launches twelve, new polishes that are uplifting and spirit-boosting…introducing the Up & Away Collection.
Popping with optimistic brights and sweet pastels, China Glaze takes you Up & Away with a collection that provides seamless and even coverage in each rich, crème formulation. Free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde, the Up & Away collection is fabulously-fun and oozes with creamy color happiness.
The collection includes:
Grape Pop – bright plum
Sugar High – petal pink
Something Sweet – cotton candy
Light As Air – periwinkle
Heli - Yum – raspberry
Flyin’ High – teal
Four Leaf Clover – kelly green
Re-Fresh Mint – spearmint
Peachy Keen – nectar
High Hopes – guava
Happy Go Lucky – sunshine yellow
Lemon Fizz – banana
Celebrate this spring with a splash of color and give your nails a dose of “happy” with these uplifting colors!
I can't tell you just how in love I am with this collection.  It's bright.  It's happy.  It screams "SPRING".  And the display is beautiful.  I can't wait for it to come out.  I think this is the first collection, of any brand, that makes me want to get the entire thing.  If I'm able at the time, I'm definitely planning on getting the full collection, display and all.  Of course, I'm secretly hoping ChG's PR department wants to send me a set to swatch, but since I know that's not going to happen (and I don't plan on it at all, there are much bigger and better bloggers than me), I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.  I'll be stalking TD like crazy.  :P


Unknown said...

I love it too :) and the picture is too cute not to share some more!
do you know around about when this will be released? I'm plotting my next polish haul and I'm hoping this will be out by then... :) Thanks!

Alexa said...

i can't wait for this collection!!
seriously, this is the 1st collection from CG that attracts my attention! :)

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Brooke, I went back and checked my email and I don't see an exact release day. A quick Google search turned up nothing but "early 2010". I'm not sure how far it will get me, but I will email Irene with ChG and see if she can give me an ETA on these. I'll let you all know what (if anything), I find out.

Unknown said...

Megan, thanks so much for checking that out - I really appreciate that! Early 2010 (Jan or Feb) would be awesome. I know a lot of us are desperate to get our hands on these polishes (or, get these polishes on our hands/nails!) Thanks again!

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