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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

(what's left of it, that is.  I started this around 11:30p)...

This has been a crazy week, so I'm so sorry for not updating before now.  I have a few recent manis that I'll just combine into one post.  And then I'll try to get back on track with the daily NOTDs next week.  I should have my "big" Dermelect review either Monday or Tuesday as well (plus a surprise, so stay tuned.  LOL).

Here are my recent manis that I haven't gotten around to posting yet...

First up is RBL Killa Red

Sigh.  I love the color in the picture and in brighter light, but that's about the only thing I love.  The formula was hard to work with.  You'd think with it being a RBL it wouldn't be such a bear, but I struggled with it for the entire mani (actually 2, but more on that in a minute).  Also, the brush on my Killa Red was a freakin' mop.  I managed to make it through, but my application isn't as neat as I'd like.  In darker light, or under the halogen in my kitchen (where I polish my nails), this looks very dark.  In fact, it looked very similar to OPI Got the Blues for Red (which is a great color, but I expected something different).  In bright light, it's much lighter and it's a beautiful color, but I wish I got Glamourpuss instead.  Lastly, it seems, on me at least, that RBL cremes do not want to work with some base coats.  I finally got it to play nice with Orly Calcium Shield, but I had to remove my previous mani and reapply Killa Red because it was so glumpy with the first base coat.  I plan on keeping it and using it again with longer nails, but if the color wasn't so nice, I'd have to put it in the "no" pile.  So far, I'm 0 for 2 with RBL cremes.  I didn't really like Au Chocolat, either.  But I'm planning to try again soon.

Next is the ubiquitous ChG Emerald Sparkle Holiday Mani

I love ES, but I only used this for Christmas Eve because I felt it was expected.  Not by my ILs (who I spend Christmas Eve), but by the NP gods in general.  It applied perfect, and without a lot of fuss.  This is one coat with another spot coat to cover a few bald spots.  I liked it, and I love the color, but I removed it pretty quickly.  I just don't like conforming.  LOL. 

Lastly, here's my attempt at some festive nail art

This is 2 coats of Essie Amalfi (a pretty white/gold (heavier on the gold) shimmer), with 2 coats of ChG Golden Enchantment.  I also did dots with Migi Nail Art in red and gold.  On my index finger is 2 coats of the Migi Nail Art red (Migi is unique in that there's a dotter and brush on each color.  Click the "Migi Nail Art" label to see more info on Migi... I'm too lazy to link right now, sorry :P).  I meant for this to look like strands of beaded garland.  I think the look turned out okay, but there were so many coats on my nails that I ended up getting sheet marks and shrinkage.  I took this off this morning (Christmas Day after I did this the night of Christmas Eve).  My nails were actually nekkid for Christmas *gasp*.

And that's it for right now.  I plan on starting back up with the daily NOTDs very soon.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.


Paige said...

Great swatches; and I love the nail art!

Lucy said...

Love the manicures. The RBL Killa Red is a beautiful shade on you.

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