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Monday, December 14, 2009

NOTD: Essie It's Genius

Again, I'm sticking with the polishes with the small brushes and handles until I'm used to my short nails.  The few times I've tried to use a longer handle on my right hand, it looked like a kindergartener did it. 

This is a very interesting color and I wasn't exactly sure how to describe it.  To me, it's a dusty-ish plum with tons of golden shimmer.  It has so much shimmer that you'd almost think it was a metallic in the bottle, but that doesn't really translate to the nail.  It's a beautiful fall color, nonetheless.  BTW, it's not as pink IRL.  It's definitely in the plum-my range.  EDIT: Essie describes this as a violet quartz shimmer.  I think that's actually a very good description.

It did drag a little bit during application, so I'd have some pooling at my free edge.  So, I guess it just needs thinner coats.  Of course, that may be user error.  If I had longer nails, I may not have the same problem.  This is 2 coats on every finger except for the ring finger.  I had a smudge on the ring finger, so I removed it and applied one coat to it when I re-did it.  You really can't tell the difference.  I think it would it would be a totally different, deeper color with 3 coats, but I don't really have the time or patience for that right now.  :P  I like at 1-2 coats just fine, though.

I used a base of Orly Calcium Shield under it.  I love my Dermelect Ridgefiller, but I see my bottle going down quickly, so I'm trying to make it last.  LOL.  I also have one coat of Out the Door.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is from Essie's fall collection last year, but it is still in the regular line up.  Thus, it's available at all the usual places and at Essie.com.


Unknown said...

I like it! It's a very unusual color, kind of an in between.

Paige said...

Love this color!

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