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Sunday, January 31, 2010

KOTD: CC Fashion Addict with ChG Grape Pop and Migi White

I've actually had naked nails now for about 3 days, so it was nice to get back to polishing them.  I'm letting my nails be sans polish more and more lately, so I'm hoping this isn't becoming a bad habit.  I've been dealing with some personal crap (church crap, not relationship crap) lately, and it's really taken the wind out of my sails.  Plus, several weeks ago, my laptop migrated from the kitchen table to the living room.  I need to stick it back on the kitchen table because it's so much easier to polish my nails and then immediately do an update.

Anyway, this is CC Fashion Addict with ChG Grape Pop and Migi Nail Art White.  Plate is m57, and I did a layered design with the zebra pattern and then the accompanying flower.  I've recently discovered a love for holo polishes, as shown by my recent obsession and acquisition of holo OPI MPJ.  I've had a few holos in the past, most notably OPI Exclusive, but I ended up giving most of them away, as I didn't like them.  Yep.  I have up Exclusive.  I'm a dumbass, though I just gave it to my sister, so I can get it back if I need to.  However, lately, I've been loving all things holo.  Don't know why.  Probably the same reason I've been gravitating more towards cremes than shimmers.

Fashion Addict is from CC's 2009 Catwalk Queen collection.  It's a light lavender holo, that reminds me very much of CC Worth the Risque, only a very light purple rather than silver.  I decided to pair it up with ChG Grape Pop, from the U&A collection, in a zebra pattern and then an accent flower in Migi Nail Art white.

I love this one.  It makes me happy, and goodness knows... I can use some happy right now (I'm not trying to be vague.  In fact, I don't mind spilling my guts on what's been going on, I'm just tired right now and don't feel like writing a (longer) novel).

BTW, yesterday was my 10w anniversary of getting rid of the glue ons.  My nails still aren't 100%, and I'm still getting breaks because they are so thin in places, but I think they look pretty dang good.  :)
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KOTD: OPI MPJ (holo) with ChG Flyin' High

Ah, the saga of OPI My Private Jet holo. Tell me Suzi, why in the world did you feel it necessary to replace the original, amazing, possibly the best polish OPI’s made, MPJ with the sad thing now billing itself as MPJ? MPJ 2.0 (4.0?) is an okay color, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as this. Silly Suzi.

This was a lemming I didn’t even know I had. I was fine with my current MPJ, but then I saw a pic of the original MPJ and it became a crazy obsession. I took a risk with an unknown seller, whose picture clearly showed a holo MPJ, only to have it be a regular MPJ. Said seller is now selling holo MPJ under a different item with jacked up shipping. Incidentally, if you remember my previous post about this, she never responded to my complaints. I don’t feel like really fighting it, though, so I guess I’ll let this one slide and chalk it up to bad judgment on my part.

Anyway, I managed to get another bottle off eBay, from a reputable seller, and though it was on the high side (around $20), I’m extremely happy with it. I wore this alone yesterday, and I kept looking down at my hands in amazement. I apologize for not getting a pic of this alone, but I do plan on doing a comp between holo and non-holo in the near future, so I’ll get one then.

The design is from plate m65, and I used ChG Flyin’ High as the color. It actually looks better in the pics than it does IRL, but I still like it.

BTW, I promise to get to those requests soon. I did them and then the pics didn’t turn out okay, as my camera lens was acting hinky, but I will re-do them and take pics soon.

Previous KOTD: Chocolate and Roses

Pardon the tip wear, this was after 2 days.

Given my success with RBL Plie and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I figured I’d try another RBL crème to see if it was a fluke. Au Chocolat was the RBL crème that gave me the most trouble. The first time I applied it, it bubbled and was slow to dry. This time around, I still had some bubbles and it dried slower than Plie, but compared to my previous application, it was tons better. Yay!

I’m quite happy that it’s playing nice with the Insta-Dri because Au Chocolat is the most amazing color. It literally looked like someone melted milk chocolate on my nails. This was 2 coats, one normal and one thin. Application was really easy on this.
My goal all along when applying AC was to create a Valentine’s Day konad. I realize Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away, and when I created this mani, it was almost 3 weeks away, but I had a spark of inspiration and I had to go with itl LOL.
The idea I had was “flowers and chocolates”. Silly, I know… but I was probably sleep deprived when I thought of it. I used a large/small rose design from my recently acquired fauxnad plates. Again, if you are interested, I can look up the seller, just let me know. The colors are all a mix of ChG U&A and Romantique (Sugar High, Something Sweet, and Emotion).
Thursday, January 21, 2010

Upcoming Bloggiversary and Giveaway Question

On February 4th, A Polish Problem will have it's first birthday.  For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about my addiction.  I guess for proof when they come to take me away.  LOL.  I'm very fortunate to be able to continue this blog for a year and very grateful to my readers and followers.  I know there are much bigger and better blogs than mine, but I do appreciate you reading my ramblings.  :)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm in the process of putting together a give away/contest, or perhaps both, depending on how this plays out.  I had the idea that during the month of the February, I could have one give away a week, with the price each week being one of my favorite things.  For example, I plan on giving away a bottle of NARS Dovima, and the items to recreate one of my favorite manis from 2009, among other things.  I think at last count, I had about 5-6 giveaway items (so I would probably continue this into March if I do one a week).

So my question being... would you prefer a giveaway to be a single item or a small collection of items to create a specific look, or would you rather I have one or two bigger giveaways with several items each.  All these items are self-purchased, so individually, they aren't worth more than $10 or so each (some less, some more), but all together, it would be a pretty substantial amount.  I see pros and cons to both.  With a weekly drawing, more people have a chance to win.  With one or two drawings, you get more stuff if you win.  Also, if you prefer a weekly drawing, would you rather get to pick your prize from a group, or have me announce at the beginning of each week what the prize will be?

I will probably decide and have the giveaway(s)/contest(s) up and running by the first of February.

KOTD: RBL Plie w/ Migi Black

The second picture is just the first one flipped over, so you can better see the design.

This is RBL Plie topped w/ Migi Nail Art Black.  The stamp is a fauxnad I picked up on eBay a few weeks ago.  I can look up the info if anyone is interested.

I think Plie is probably my perfect mannequin hands polish, but the entire "mannequin hands" trend kinda creeps me out, so I'm just going to say it's a great nude for me.  Also, I'd mentioned a few times that I'd been having bad luck with RBLs, but I think I found a TC that works with RBL (for me).  It's Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  It's works so well, and my nails were dry within minutes.  I don't know what took me so long to try Insta-Dri.  I guess it was just my NP snobbery kicking in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anyone looking for the new OPI Hong Kong Collection?

I just received an email from Hello-Gorgeous.  They have the Hong Kong collection available for pre-buy.  Polishes are pretty reasonable at $6.50 and shipping is just $4.95 (free over $49).  I haven't used H-G much recently, but they used to be my go-to e-tailer.  Their shipping is super fast and they often had pretty good sales (they had Lippmanns on sale for $12 a few months ago).  Here's a link to the collection.  I love the look of Jade is the New Black and Suzi Says Feng Shui.  I've kinda over extended myself over the past 2 weeks or so (my husband gets a job and I go a little nuts.  I should reel this in), or I'd be all over this.

KOTD: Bandana Nails!

This was an idea I had last night while I was trying to fall asleep.  I'd always thought that this particular stamp from plate m64 looked like a bandana, so I figured I'd go ahead and do a bandana konad, and while tossing and turning last night, I figured out how.

This is OPI Double Decker Red with Migi White and Black pens.  I applied a stamp of black and then applied a stamp of white, trying to offset it as best I could (so you could see both the colors).  I applied a coat of Out the Door TC to set it.  I also applied a coat of Orly Matte Top so it looked more like fabric.

I really love this.  It did take a bit of time (around 30 minutes), but it was pretty simple to do.
Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I finally received several packages I had been waiting for (from eBay) only have 2 of them be wrong.  In one, the seller clearly showed a photo of a holo MPJ and yet when I received it, it was non-holo.  I even emailed her before it arrived and she said it had some holo and she wasn't aware before she listed her auction that there were 4 versions of MPJ.  Whatever.  In the other, I ordered ChG Rated Holographic and I received Wireless Holographic Top Coat.  I swear, this makes me want to not buy off eBay again.  Grrr.

If you are interested in knowing which seller is incorrectly listing MPJ, please email me.  I don't want to put her information here, as she may fix the problem, but I don't want anyone else to waste money on a non-holo MPJ.

EDIT: I just checked and now the seller has revised her listing.  She's changed the picture to the non-holo polish and has relisted the holo under a separate item.  She's also raised the price and is charging outrageous shipping.  I'm pretty hacked off right now.

KOTD: CC Worth the Risque w/ ChG Heli-Yum

This post may not be coherent.  LOL.  I'm getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to post this one while it was on my mind.

Have you ever had a mani that you didn't want to take off for fear that the next one you put on wouldn't measure up?  Well that's how I feel about this one.  I have a few requests to swatch, so I plan on taking this off on Tuesday morning, but I'm going to miss this one.

I know a few people had wondered how the Up and Away collection worked with the konad system.  I've used 2 of them for stamping and they are great.  I especially love this over Worth the Risque.  WtR is an amazing polish.  It was perfect in one coat, but I added a second just to deepen the color.

Heli-Yum worked so well with WtR.  It really brought out the pink in the holo.  The plate is m64.
Monday, January 18, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope Collection

I just received this info in Overall Beauty's newsletter.

When there is a natural disaster like the quake that devastated Haiti last week, we each wonder what can we do to help. The problem seems so huge, but it is small steps that comprise any journey. Overall Beauty, BB Couture and the Beauty and Soul Blog have joined forces for our small step - an effort to raise $5,000 for the ongoing relief efforts by releasing our brand new Hands of Hope Collection by BB Couture.

25% of each full set purchase will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti. The money will go to The Salvation Army, one of the most effective and wide reaching charities currently working in Haiti - and all over the world to improves lives and fight poverty.

The Hands of Hope Collection is a soothing array of pastel crèmes that evoke the natural beauty of Haiti:

     Tortuga Island - explore the exotic lush green island foliage

     Kyona Beach - gaze up at the cloudless baby blue sky while sunning on the beach

     Bassin's Blue - experience subtle turquoise pools linked by spectacular waterfalls

  Labadie Beach - delight in the delicate pink hues of the setting sun

     Cape Haitian -  watch the sun burn off the mysterious violet haze over the mountains

     Paradise - savor the natural beauty of Haiti along the endless sandy beige beaches  

When you order the entire set ($54), 25% of the proceeds go to The Salvation Army. Each complete set also includes a free bottle of Top Rock top coat - a $10 value!

Of course, you can also buy the colors individually.

Remember, we offer free shipping over $50.00 in the USA.

Get a friend to join you in showing off your Hands of Hope. Use the coupon code bbovm at checkout to receive $8 off your order over $100.00.

Help us to help them with your purchase of Hands of Hope by BB Couture, being offering today atOverall Beauty.com

It looks like a beautiful collection, but what is even more important is the cause for which it was created.  Please feel free to forward this on to your friends and family or anyone that is interested in supporting the victims of the earthquake in Haiti (through the Salvation Army).
Saturday, January 16, 2010


I don't have an extensive collection, but I'm not kidding myself... at 320+, it's pretty dang big.  I have a bad problem with "oooh, that looks pretty... I NEED it", and then I either haul or order it on eBay.  I guess I have issues with restraint.  LOL. 

You'd think I'd have no problem picking a color, but having this many polishes kind of makes my brain short circuit and I sometimes end up not wearing anything.  :/  So, I'm opening it up to suggestions.  I have a spreadsheet of my stash (like on the right), and if there is something you'd like to see, just reply to this post, to a current post, or shoot me an email

My next mani is to create a konad design using Up and Away polishes as the stamp colors, but beyond that, I'm pretty open. 

Happy 4th Birthday, A and B!

Not NP related, but today is my twins' fourth birthday.  Like I mentioned on twitter, I plan on being so busy getting ready for tonight that I can't be sad that they are 4.  I still think they should be tiny, so the fact that they are on their way to five, is kinda breaking my heart.  Plus, unless God decides differently, we are done in the baby department, and the further they get away from babyhood, the sadder I get with each birthday, because I know I probably won't get to experience a newborn again.  I loved them being babies, but they are awesome bigger kids, too.  I just need to make a point to enjoy them today and not get sad that they are growing up.  :)

Anyway, here's a pic of them the day they were born.  She screamed bloody murder until they put her brother in her bassinet.  Now she screams bloody murder if he goes in her room.  LOL.  :P

Amelia's on the left and Blake's on the right. 

Happy Birthday, Babies!

EDIT... here's a bonus pic of them now:

Friday, January 15, 2010

KOTD: China Glaze Light As Air w/ ChG Cherish, Delight. and Harmony

I hadn't used my Romantiques for konadding in months, so I decided to give them some love.  As always, they didn't disappoint.  I used on of the lace stamps from plate m71.  This was pretty easy to do, but, like all multi-color konads, a little (lot) time consuming.  This took around 30 minutes.

EDIT: changed to list correct plate #.

Another U&A: China Glaze Light As Air

I have searched for a perfect lavender creme now for years.  Everything is either too sheer or gives me dead hands.  This one, however, is perfect.  It's a gorgeous pale lavender that leans a bit pink.  It was opaque in 2 coats and the formula was great.  I did have to apply thin coats, or it would get a bit thick, but I normally do that w/ cremes anyway.

I have a Konad using this as a base that I will post soon.

Adoree Harbour Blue vs. Essie Aruba Blue

Adoree is one of those brands that I've been interested in trying for awhile, but I would always hesitate before pulling the trigger on my haul because there just isn't much about the brand either on the NB, Nailgal, or various blogs.  A lot of the colors looked interesting to me, but since I couldn't find many swatches online, I never ended up placing an order.  Since they are gradually raising their prices, I figured I'd never get to try them.  Then, Esther's Nail Center (the only place, I think, to get Adoree in the US) ran a sale in which all of the Adoree polishes were $3.99.  At that price, I figured I could give them a shot.  Unfortunately, I don't think I did a good job of picking colors as I've already swatched one color and I've already found a dupe.  :/

This is Adoree Harbour Blue compared with Essie Aruba Blue

HB is on the index and ring and AB is on middle and pinky.  Can you tell the difference?  There is one, but it's very, very slight.  Aruba Blue has a bit more of a pearly finish, which lends itself to being a bit brushstroke-y.  Also, going on, Harbour Blue has more of a blue-green base, but after 2 coats, it is the exact same shade as AB. 

Now, I love AB, but I honestly have to say that I think I love HB more.  However, I will probably keep AB as it's one of my dautghters favorite colors and the Essie brush is easier to use on her nails. 

This is my first time using Adoree polishes and I really like them.  The formula is very nice, and the brush is easy to use.  I can't wait to swatch the other Adorees I picked up.  Unfortunately, the sale is now off and the polishes have been raised in price again, to $6.  According to Polish or Perish, Esther's Nail Center will sentd you brushstrock samples of polishes.  You can also get a gift with purchase if you mention you are a PoP reader (check PoP for more info).

Hi all...

I'm so sorry for being MIA the past few days.  I've been meaning to post, but honestly, I've been so exhausted I haven't even been doing my nails.  My husband went back to work on Monday, which is great!  The downside is that now I'm having to get the kiddos on the bus in the morning.  Tim had been doing this almost exclusively the entire time he was laid off.  I'm just not a morning person, at all.  In fact, I'd be perfect happy if I could go to sleep at 4a and wake up at 11a.  I've tried to go to bed at a decent hour (11-ish) and all I do is toss and turn until 2-3a.  Then I have to get up at 6:45a to get one or the other of them ready for school.  Needless to say, I'm a zombie, and what sucks is it's my own doing.  I'm seriously considering using Simply Sleep (it actually works on me) at about 9p next week, so I can get some real sleep.

So like I mentioned, I've been too tired to do almost anything.  My nails were naked most of the week and I had my first break post-glue-ons.  :(  I do have a few posts to do, and will probably do them this afternoon.  I have some new Adorees to show you as well as another KOTD from the ChG Up and Away collection.
Monday, January 11, 2010

ChG Dorothy Who? vs. Absolutely Alice

Pic first...

DW? on index and ring.  AA on middle and pinky.  Both of these are 3 coats.

Ever since I saw swatches of AA, I knew I wanted to see a comp with Dorothy Who?  Frankly, Alice kicks Dorothy's ass.  LOL.  I've seen pics of old formula DW?, and sadly the re-release just doesn't compare.  There's something missing from it.  What's sad about DW? is that it's a pretty color on it's own, but if you are a NP addict, you've definitely seen pics of the old formula DW? and this new one doesn't measure up. 

Alice, however, if absolutely amazing.  It's this bright blue glitter loaded with golden sparkle.  The base colors of DW? and AA are very similar, but Alice is awesome, whereas DW? just looks lackluster and watery.  For the first time in since I started collection, I'm planning on buying a back up. 

Here's a pic of Absolutely Alice on it's own and then bottle pics of Alice and Mad as a Hatter.

Sigh.  Suzi, you done us proud.  *sniff*

China Glaze Flyin High Comparisons

Last night, someone on the NB, asked for a comparison between ChG Flyin High and Custom Kicks.  Both Flyin High and Custom Kicks were hard to get true-to-life, but here's the pic I took, nonetheless. 

Even though, you can't see the true color of FH, you can definitely see that it's not dupish to CK.  They are cousins, but not twins.  Aside from the shimmer, CK is greener than FH. 

Believe it or not, to me, FH looks like a blue version of Misa Dirty Sexy Money.  Here's a comp pic. 

From left to right, this is Illamasqua Muse, ChG Flyin' High, Misa DSM, and ChG Aqua Baby.  You can see the dusty-ness of FH, even if you can't see the true color (which is a dusty, mid-to-light tone teal).  Behind Muse, it's my favorite teal.  Loves it.

2 More China Glaze Up and Away polishes

I finally have a couple minutes to sit down and update, so this will be the first of several posts tonight.

This is Heli-Yum.  I'm pretty sure this is 2 coats.  For some reason, I'm having a hard time remembering how this applied, but IIRC, this applied pretty easy.  Not as nicely as Four Leaf Clover, but much better than High Hopes (up next).  Sorry to hide the index finger, but it was so chippy just after a day.  I had to re-do that nail when I did my mani, so I must have had something on it before I applied the polish.  The other nails were fine, so I don't think it was a problem with the polish.

ChG describes it as raspberry, and I can kind of see it in an processed raspberry sort of way.  It's not like fresh raspberries, but it does remind me of the raspberry sauce that comes with the Great Wall of Chocolate from P.F. Chang's.  (drooooooooooooooooool... okay, I'm done  :P).

This is a very pretty color, of not really original.  I kind of wonder how this compares to ChG Sneakerhead from the Custom Kicks collection.  They look kind of similar in the bottle, but I need to swatch it and see.

Next up is High Hopes

ChG describes this color as Guava, but to me, it's a bright, orange-based coral.  It's pretty, but I didn't really like on me.  You can't really tell from the pic, but even after 3 (thin) coats, you could see bald spots.  You could also see every imperfection on my nails.  It's a pretty color, and I may feel differently about it in warmer weather.  I think on somebody with actual pigment in their skin, this would look amazing, especially with a tan.  Also, I wanted to mention that this one had a very thick, goopy formula.  I had to do thin coats to combat it.  I want to compare this one to OPI Lunch at the Delhi.  I plan on doing a comp post with all the Up and Away polishes. 
Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 ChG Up and Away NOTDs (Something Sweet and Four Leaf Clover)

Tonight, I have 2 NOTDs from China Glaze's new Up and Away Collection.

First up is Something Sweet

This was my KOTD a couple days ago, so I'm going to try and remember the details.  When I reviewed this before, I stated I think this has got to be the perfect pale pink.  And my opinion hasn't changed.  Eventually, I would like to swatch this beside CC Vintage Couture, but I think that Something Sweet is better.  It's not chalky at all.  For anyone that is still trying to find your HG pale pink, the color will not disappoint.

However, the formula is a tad tricky.  It has a tendency to be a bit thick and unruly.  I found that applying thin coats was the way to combat this problem.  I used 3 coats for these pics.  The konad is Misa Got to be Real with plate m64.

Tonight's NOTD is Four Leaf Clover

Like I mentioned the first time, this one is so freaking hard to capture on camera.  The first picture is with the flash and the second one is no flash.  In terms of color, the second one is definitely closer.  It's pretty dang closer, actually.  However, the finish on the first one is more accurate.  In the second picture, you can't see the shine and the smoothness.  I really wish this one was easier to photograph, because it is an AMAZING kelly green.  Seriously... I can't explain how fab this color is.  If you like greens, especially vibrant greens, give this one a try.  None of the pictures I've seen, whether mine or otherwise, captures the beauty of this color  You'll thank me.  LOL.

As for application and formula, this one is up there near Illamasqua in terms of awesomeness.  I did thin coats so it was 2 coats, but on one nail, I had to re-do it and I only did one (thicker) coat and it was perfect.  I think this one is definitely one of my favorites (if not my #1 favorite). 

Then, because I have rekindled my love for konad, I decided to apply a konad design. 

I had to use a flash to show the konad because I couldn't hold my hand still enough to capture it without the flash.  This is plate m64 with ChG Grape Pop (another Up and Away) and Migi White.  Yep.  I said white.  When I applied the TC, something weird happened and the white turned pale green.  Everything was dry and my TC is not tinted, so I'm guessing it's just a chemical reaction.  At first, I was like WTF?, then I decided I liked it just as much as I did before I applied the TC. 

Hope you guys like these.  I'll have more soon. 

BTW, yesterday was my seven week anniversary of taking off my glue-ons.  :)
Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kiss My Face Breath Blast Mouth Rinse

I received this press release today from the same company that sends Orly press releases.  No, it's not nail polish, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. 

Wash the taste of 2009 out of your mouth and take a fresh breath with Kiss My Face Breath Blast Mouthrinse. It’s no secret that both losing weight and adopting healthier habits top many lists when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. To help keep the resolutions alive, use Breath Blast Mouthrinse to curb snacking urges and clean out the mouth, preventing germs from settling and causing serious health issues.

It is widely believed that brushing or rinsing after meals is good for your waistline! If you have a clean mouth you are more likely to avoid snacks to keep that fresh feeling. This strategy is particularly useful after lunch and dinner, when many people are tempted to hit the vending machine or succumb to an overindulgent midnight snack.

For those interested in improving their overall health, Breath Blast Mouthrinse also prevents bacteria from festering in the mouth. A widely unknown fact about brushing is, only 25 percent of the mouth is actually cleaned while brushing. Adding mouthinse to your oral care routine reaches 100 percent of the mouth, including the gums and tongue, where bad breath-causing bacteria can often lurk. On a more serious note, bacteria can lead to gum disease, which has been linked to numerous major health concerns including: heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia.

Breath Blast Mouthrinse is a refreshingly tasty, healthy alternative to traditional mouthrinses-- a 100% natural, alcohol-free formula in four mouthwatering flavors -- Spearmint, Vanilla Mint, Spearmint with Fluoride and Orange Mint.

Available in a full size bottle and a 2oz. travel size perfect for purses, Breath Blast Mouthrinse is an easy way to keep mouths clean and fresh throughout the day, without potentially harmful chemicals.

One of my resolutions for 2010 was to lose weight, or at least eat better.  I figure the weight loss will follow suit.  This press release caught my attention because it mentions adding a breath rinse into your day to help with your diet routine.  Truth be told, I'm bad about using mouthwash.  I buy them and then they sit in my closet because I hate the alcohol taste.  The flavors of this sound great, and I'm especially intruiged by the Vanilla Mint.  I haven't tried these yet, but I should be receiving samples with in the next week.  I'll be sure to update once I've gotten them and had a chance to try them out.
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KOTD: ChG Happy Go Lucky with Migi White

In continuing my re-do of the China Glaze Up and Away polishes, I used Happy Go Lucky for my NOTD.  This bright yellow isn't really my kind of color, but for some reason, I couldn't stop of thinking of this one, so that's why I went with it for this mani. 

In the 10 months or so since I became a NP addict, I went from being a red and purple girl, to an anything that goes with my skin girl.  Before, when I reviewed this, Happy Go Lucky and Peachy Keen were my least favorite colors in this collection.  I haven't re-reviewed Peachy Keen yet, but in regards to Happy Go Lucky, I have to change my opinion. 

While I'm not going to make yellow my go-to color from here on out, I do really like this color.  It doesn't look weird with my skin, though it is a little shocking to look down and see bright yellow nails.  LOL.  :) 

True to its name, it's a happy color.  It's like liquid sunshine on my nail.  It looks like the color of the daffodils that pop up in early spring.  It's perfect for spring and summer.  I think this would look great paired with a navy and white outfit.

As for formula and application... the formula was a tad streaky at one coat.  On most of my nails, a second coat evened things out, though on 2-3 nails a third coat was needed.  However, the end result is so glossy.  The finish on all of these is perfect.  This polish was really easy to control... not too thick, not too thin.  It flowed nicely on my nail.

Then I decided to do another konad.  This is is plate m21 with Migi Nail Art White.

From what I understand, there's a seller on Amazon (I think the one I used to purchase the Alice In Wonderland polishes today) that has the Up and Away collection up for sale.  E-tailers should have them up soon, as the collection is to be released on 1/15/10.

Stay tuned for another Up and Way N/KOTD tomorrow. 

Both China Glaze and Migi provided these product for review.
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you are interested in purchasing any of OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection

and don't want to buy from TransDesign (to avoid the "I have to add a crap ton of polishes to my cart to off-set the spendy shipping" syndrome), you may want to check out Nail Beauty 4 U on Amazon.  I found Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter for $5.28 each + $3.99 shipping (click the links to go directly to the items on Amazon).  My entire order was $14.55.  Considering my order on TD, if I'd just ordered the 2 OPIs, would have been around $20+, I think this is a great deal.

Fair warning, however, I have not ordered from this seller before, so I have no past experience, but their feedback on Amazon looks good, so I'm not (too) worried.

Feel free to pass this info on.  I'd post it on the NB, but I'm a little wary of posting "good deal" posts on there.  People tend to get prickly about lurking eBay scalpers.

KOTD: ChG Re-Fresh Mint w/ Migi Black Polish

I read on the NB that Up and Away is going to be sent to sellers this week, so it should be in stock at e-tailers soon.  Thus, I figured I'd apply all 12 of these as NOTDs, as my swatches were really sad.  So I chose Re-Fresh Mint as my first one. 

*Sigh*  This color is absolutely amazinga nd it's the first mint I've tried that doesn't look like utter ass on me. It makes my hands look a bit red, but I don't really give a crap.  It's too pretty.  It's a true mint green creme that doesn't lean blue.  Normally, like I mentioned, mints look gross on me, but this one works.  There's been a bit of variation in opinion on various nail bloggers as to the formula on these polishes, especially the pastels.  Some find it great and some find it difficult.  I am in the middle.  It took 2 coats to reach opacity, but it was a little thick to apply, but nothing too hard to control.  Also it was a bit streaky on the first coat on some nails.

I loved the color on its own, but I wanted to break out the konad for the first time since I started growing out my nails.  I meant to take a pic before I applied the stamp, but I totally forgot.  Plate is m71.  I used Migi Nail Art Black.  The Migi is a little cumbersome for the konad, as it doesn't have a flat base, but I managed.

Hope you guys like this one (I lurve it).  Tomorrow, I'll be back with another Up and Away NOTD.  Any thoughts on the next one in the collection you'd want to see?  I'll pick the one with the most votes.  :)

Both the China Glaze polish and the Migi Nail Art pen used to create this mani were supplied to me by the manufacturer for review.

OPI Kimono'ver Here


I have this color because back when I got acrylics the first time around my wedding, I got this color at one of my fill-ins.  At the time, I loved it.  Don't ask me why.  I think I was high.  It's this mauve-y, pink frost.  In the bottle, there are silver ribbons, but on the nail the silver just adds to the frosty-ness.  Application was good.  This is 2 coats.  And, aaaaaaaaaaahhhh old formula smelly goodness, but none of that can help the color.  This reminds me of the old lady that had a store down the street when I was a kid.  She smelled like smoke, charged double for a 10 oz soda (seriously... it was like a dollar in 1985), and wore this kind of color on her pointy nails.  LOL.  I have no idea why I lemmed it for so long.  I guess it was part nostalgia and part sketchy memory, but I really couldn't keep it on my fingers for more than a minute.  It's definitely going to my mom.  Kimono'ver Here is from OPI's 2000 Spring Far East.  It is d/c, but (maybe you can wear it better than me) if you can find it occasionally on eBay.
Monday, January 4, 2010


Today is the last day to use my Dermelect code.  It's for 20% off all hand and nail products.  The website is http://www.dermelect.com/.  I really credit Dermelect Launchpad and Makeover for helping my nails recover from glue-on/acrylics damage, so if you are looking for products to help your damaged nails, I highly recommend them.  The code is PP20.
Sunday, January 3, 2010

Okay, what am I doing wrong (re: RBL)

I used to lem RBL polishes pretty hardcore.  I'd see one I'd like, go to the site, stuff several in my cart, get pissed they were $18, get even more pissed they charged shipping charges on top of an $18 polish, and then I'd close out the window.  I always said that if Ji offered another sale, I'd pick some up.

So, true to my word, when she offered the VIP sale, I picked up, um, 10.  :|  It was technically a Christmas gift, as I used some of my Christmas money.  They get here and I'm beyond excited.  I nearly pee my pants looking in the bottles.  Unfortunately, now that I've used several, I'm more than a bit underwhelmed.  :(

The glitters are great.  Totally what I wanted.  However, the cremes I got are beyond disappointing.  I've tried Killa Red, Au Chocolat, and (as of last night) Bruised.  All three of them left me frustrated at the application, formula, brush (in the case of Killa Red), and drying time.  Last night, I woke up with smudges and sheetmarks after 2 hours of drying time and I had to remove Bruise.  Even if I don't go to bed relatively soon after application, I still have to deal with nicks and smudges.  They just take forever to dry and even a day later, they are still somewhat soft.

What am I doing wrong?  All I heard about was RBL's amazing formula.  I use Orly Calcium Shield base coat (I've learned the Dermelect BS doesn't work with RBL) and Out the Door TC.  I still have Dead Calm, Bikini Bottom, and Purple Haze to try, but I swear of these suck, too, I'm going to chalk it up to a $98.50 mistake.
Saturday, January 2, 2010

NOTD: OPI Don't Toy with Me w/ Orly Love Each Other and Fifty Four

OPI Don't Toy with Me is a gorgeous deep berry-red shimmer.  Application was really easy.  It practically flowed on to the nail.  This is 2 coats of polish.

I also topped it with 2 coats each of Orly Love Each Other and Orly Fifty Four. 

Love Each Other (purple and blue shimmer)

Fifty Four (pink and golden shimmer)

Don't Toy with Me is from OPI's 2008 Winter Holiday in Toyland collection.  I'm pretty sure it's still in the regular line up.  Orly Fifty Four and Love Each Other are in OPI's regular collection.  All are available at e-tailers and on eBay and the Orlys are available at Sally's as well.

BTW, don't forget about my Dermelect code.  It's still good through January 4th.

Also, it's been 6 weeks since I took off my glue ons.  I think my nails are looking pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.  LOL.  :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

NARS Dovima

I swatched this post in my Dermelect review to show under the top coat, so I figured I'd post a review of it.  I've had Dovima since May.  I bought it during a session of retail therapy and I never got around to using it.  I wanted a perfect tomato red and I was drawn to Dovima basically because the description is tomato red.  I think the description is spot on.

This applied perfectly.  It was opaque in one coat.  It's a perfect true red, that does lean a bit orange, just like tomatoes.  Dovima is available at Sephora (though it may be OOS at the moment).  It was $16.

Resolutions and Ramblings

Happy New Year, everyone!  As I'm typing this, it's almost 12:30a on the east coast.  Sorry for being MIA for a few days, but it's been a crazy week, full of family drama.  Love that.  NOTD is OPI Don't Toy with Me with topcoats of Orly Fifty-Four and Love Each Other.  No pics, as the camera is dead, but I'll take them soon.  My nails have actually been nekkid for days.  I just haven't felt like polishing them.  I'm blaming the family drama.  LOL (I guess.  What else are you going to do?).

Annnnd, just when I thought the week couldn't get worse, we took the twins for their 4 yr old physicals with their ped yesterday.  He started talking about my son's issues and I swear I almost broke down in the middle of the office.  Blake, my son, is developmentally delayed.  He (and his sister) are in Pre-K3 through the school system to combat his issues.  Amelia is just a bit behind on social skills, but Blake is really behind.  Compared to where we were a yr and a half ago when we started this process, he has come full circle 10 times.  However, whenever he gets in situations where he can't get his way (she does too, for that matter, after all, they are 4, but it's different with him).  He reverts back to 18 month old behavior when he can't handle something.  So, he was in rare form for the ped.  He wasn't allowed to climb and act out, so his ped just saw this melty, screaming little boy.  Now he wants to send Blake for genetic testing and is using words like autism and mental delay.  :'(  He's been evaluated by child psychologists and they were checking for autism (among other things), and he's not even on the spectrum.  He doesn't have any of the signs.  Honestly, I think it's ADHD, and that's one of the things the ped mentioned.  I now need to start the process of getting him re-evaluated.  I really hope my son doesn't get pigeonholed into something just because they don't know how else to classify him.  I know it sounds like wishful thinking, but my mother's intuiton tells me it's not autism or mental delay.  To make worse, I keep getting the impression that my mother and sister want my son to be autistic.  There have been many painful conversations where I keep getting their armchair ped opinions and it really drives me nuts.  Back when someone thought my nephew was autistic, both of them got pissed, but they are doing the same thing to me and I hate it.  I'm sorry to ramble about that, but it's really been on my mind.  This whole situation is breaking my heart and it's hard not to blame myself.

So anyway, on to happier things, though the above does lead me to my resolution list...

1. to be a bigger advocate for my son.  I have a feeling this is going to be a hard process and I need to be sure to be as vocal as I can be.
2. to be more serious about my weight loss.  I really need to lose weight and not just for me, but for my kids, and husband.  I'd be so much happier if I were thinner.
3. to work out more (this ties into to 2).  Just 30 minutes a day on the treadmill would be so beneficial.
4. to work on getting my Temptations Parties business off the ground.
5. to start cross-stitching again
6. to not take my husband for granted.  I need to learn that not everything is argument-worthy.
7. to keep the house cleaner.  I hate to clean, but a mess house also affects my mood, so I need to work a bit harder at it.
8. to view the new year as a blessing and not a curse.  I have a whole year to change myself rather than a whole year until I get to the holidays again.

Eight things, but nothing that requires that much work.  Once I put my mind to it, I can do anything.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.  Happy 2010 (the year of my 35th b-day.  Ugh.  LOL).

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