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Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 ChG Up and Away NOTDs (Something Sweet and Four Leaf Clover)

Tonight, I have 2 NOTDs from China Glaze's new Up and Away Collection.

First up is Something Sweet

This was my KOTD a couple days ago, so I'm going to try and remember the details.  When I reviewed this before, I stated I think this has got to be the perfect pale pink.  And my opinion hasn't changed.  Eventually, I would like to swatch this beside CC Vintage Couture, but I think that Something Sweet is better.  It's not chalky at all.  For anyone that is still trying to find your HG pale pink, the color will not disappoint.

However, the formula is a tad tricky.  It has a tendency to be a bit thick and unruly.  I found that applying thin coats was the way to combat this problem.  I used 3 coats for these pics.  The konad is Misa Got to be Real with plate m64.

Tonight's NOTD is Four Leaf Clover

Like I mentioned the first time, this one is so freaking hard to capture on camera.  The first picture is with the flash and the second one is no flash.  In terms of color, the second one is definitely closer.  It's pretty dang closer, actually.  However, the finish on the first one is more accurate.  In the second picture, you can't see the shine and the smoothness.  I really wish this one was easier to photograph, because it is an AMAZING kelly green.  Seriously... I can't explain how fab this color is.  If you like greens, especially vibrant greens, give this one a try.  None of the pictures I've seen, whether mine or otherwise, captures the beauty of this color  You'll thank me.  LOL.

As for application and formula, this one is up there near Illamasqua in terms of awesomeness.  I did thin coats so it was 2 coats, but on one nail, I had to re-do it and I only did one (thicker) coat and it was perfect.  I think this one is definitely one of my favorites (if not my #1 favorite). 

Then, because I have rekindled my love for konad, I decided to apply a konad design. 

I had to use a flash to show the konad because I couldn't hold my hand still enough to capture it without the flash.  This is plate m64 with ChG Grape Pop (another Up and Away) and Migi White.  Yep.  I said white.  When I applied the TC, something weird happened and the white turned pale green.  Everything was dry and my TC is not tinted, so I'm guessing it's just a chemical reaction.  At first, I was like WTF?, then I decided I liked it just as much as I did before I applied the TC. 

Hope you guys like these.  I'll have more soon. 

BTW, yesterday was my seven week anniversary of taking off my glue-ons.  :)


Paige said...

Both of those manis are super cute!

Heather said...

The second design is so sick! Love it.

Nicole said...

The Konad is AWESOME! You are so talented with it. I utterly love it! It looks really like art on your nails!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate it. Especially comments about the konad. I used to suck at konad, so I really like hearing that my designs looks nice. TY! :)

Mary Ann said...

Your nails look awsome ...that stuff works great, and the konad designs are so cute.

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