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Friday, January 15, 2010

Adoree Harbour Blue vs. Essie Aruba Blue

Adoree is one of those brands that I've been interested in trying for awhile, but I would always hesitate before pulling the trigger on my haul because there just isn't much about the brand either on the NB, Nailgal, or various blogs.  A lot of the colors looked interesting to me, but since I couldn't find many swatches online, I never ended up placing an order.  Since they are gradually raising their prices, I figured I'd never get to try them.  Then, Esther's Nail Center (the only place, I think, to get Adoree in the US) ran a sale in which all of the Adoree polishes were $3.99.  At that price, I figured I could give them a shot.  Unfortunately, I don't think I did a good job of picking colors as I've already swatched one color and I've already found a dupe.  :/

This is Adoree Harbour Blue compared with Essie Aruba Blue

HB is on the index and ring and AB is on middle and pinky.  Can you tell the difference?  There is one, but it's very, very slight.  Aruba Blue has a bit more of a pearly finish, which lends itself to being a bit brushstroke-y.  Also, going on, Harbour Blue has more of a blue-green base, but after 2 coats, it is the exact same shade as AB. 

Now, I love AB, but I honestly have to say that I think I love HB more.  However, I will probably keep AB as it's one of my dautghters favorite colors and the Essie brush is easier to use on her nails. 

This is my first time using Adoree polishes and I really like them.  The formula is very nice, and the brush is easy to use.  I can't wait to swatch the other Adorees I picked up.  Unfortunately, the sale is now off and the polishes have been raised in price again, to $6.  According to Polish or Perish, Esther's Nail Center will sentd you brushstrock samples of polishes.  You can also get a gift with purchase if you mention you are a PoP reader (check PoP for more info).


Paige said...

They don't look different at all to me!

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