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Monday, January 11, 2010

ChG Dorothy Who? vs. Absolutely Alice

Pic first...

DW? on index and ring.  AA on middle and pinky.  Both of these are 3 coats.

Ever since I saw swatches of AA, I knew I wanted to see a comp with Dorothy Who?  Frankly, Alice kicks Dorothy's ass.  LOL.  I've seen pics of old formula DW?, and sadly the re-release just doesn't compare.  There's something missing from it.  What's sad about DW? is that it's a pretty color on it's own, but if you are a NP addict, you've definitely seen pics of the old formula DW? and this new one doesn't measure up. 

Alice, however, if absolutely amazing.  It's this bright blue glitter loaded with golden sparkle.  The base colors of DW? and AA are very similar, but Alice is awesome, whereas DW? just looks lackluster and watery.  For the first time in since I started collection, I'm planning on buying a back up. 

Here's a pic of Absolutely Alice on it's own and then bottle pics of Alice and Mad as a Hatter.

Sigh.  Suzi, you done us proud.  *sniff*


Heather said...

I'm craving these two shades so bad.

Get Nailed said...

Wow, you can really see how jelly DW is in comparison. I swapped DW because I wasn't in love with it, and I haven't tried out my AA yet but by the looks of your pics, I made the right choice! So much better!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I think you did, too. Alice is so beautiful. DW? is pretty, but kind of "meh". I'm planning on getting 2-3 back ups of Alice because I'm sure it's LE and I never want to be w/o it.

Michèle said...

I think AA is so much prettier! Thanks for comparing. DW looks kinda boring next to AA :-O.

Hopefully AA will arive at my house either today or tomorrow :-D.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

DW *is* boring when compared to Alice. That makes me kinda sad, too, because the entire NP community waited with bated breath for the re-release of the WoOA only to be a little let down when it finally came out. Maybe ChG couldn't recreate the exact formula, but compared to old DW, this new one just doesn't measure up. It's nice, but not as amazing as the old one. I don't have the old one, but I'd love to see old formula DW compared with AA.

Lina-Elvira said...

I just ordered AA after your comparison, after I was so let down by DW from pix I never bought it, I cannot do without AA :) Thanx for the hard work you put in and I love seeing your nails!

Paige said...

Those are both gorgeous!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Lina-Elvira, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Even with the golden glitter (which is amazing, BTW), it's what I wanted DW? to be.

I bought AA mainly because I wanted MaaH and I figured I might as well get them both. Well... MaaH is beautiful, but Alice is the stand-out of the collection, IMO, and though it's only January, I say it's OPI's stand-out of the year (if not, it's a strong contender).

And, um, I just bought 2 back ups. I must never be w/o Alice. LOL.

Polish Hoarder said...

I'm soooooo getting the Alice In Wonderland collection tomorrow! I can't wait! Thanks for the sparkling pictures! Absolutely Alice is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I think I prefer Dorothy Who? (which should be on its way to me), but Absolutely Alice is quite lovely, too. I may have to order a few of the OPIs next time.

la trousse a tichou said...

whaouh !! it's simply gorgeous !!!
you're both polish, it's beautiful

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