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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I finally received several packages I had been waiting for (from eBay) only have 2 of them be wrong.  In one, the seller clearly showed a photo of a holo MPJ and yet when I received it, it was non-holo.  I even emailed her before it arrived and she said it had some holo and she wasn't aware before she listed her auction that there were 4 versions of MPJ.  Whatever.  In the other, I ordered ChG Rated Holographic and I received Wireless Holographic Top Coat.  I swear, this makes me want to not buy off eBay again.  Grrr.

If you are interested in knowing which seller is incorrectly listing MPJ, please email me.  I don't want to put her information here, as she may fix the problem, but I don't want anyone else to waste money on a non-holo MPJ.

EDIT: I just checked and now the seller has revised her listing.  She's changed the picture to the non-holo polish and has relisted the holo under a separate item.  She's also raised the price and is charging outrageous shipping.  I'm pretty hacked off right now.


amusedPolish said...

bummer- i hate when that happens... is quite discouraging to buy there again :(

Michèle said...

Oh no, that sucks, I've been wanting to get Holo MPJ from Ebay too, but always chickened out because I thought I was going to end up with normal MPJ, just like you did! Ugh.

Can't you report her to Ebay or something?

Paige said...

That really stinks! She should have sent you the pictured polish! Just leave bad feedback, its about all you can do.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I've emailed her twice and I've yet to hear a response. What chaps my ass is that she had no clue about holo MPJ until after she listed it. Now she's corrected herself and is charging more and crazy shipping. She has the holo MPJ listed as $5.75 and $10+ shipping. :| If I don't get a decent reply, I'll leave negative feedback. However, I think I'm stuck w/ ANOTHER non-holo bottle of MPJ.

I kinda blame myself because I gambled and struck out. I'll know in the future not to risk it.

There is currently a seller on eBay that has holo MPJ (well 2 if you count Boulder Creek, but I don't). It's clearly marked as holo and she shows the difference in the 2. Her price is a little high, but I'm lemming this so bad, I may just bite the bullet.

Get Nailed said...

I totally agree with Ebay getting to be discouraging. I've gotten a few good deals there, but it seems that the bad experience out weigh the good. That really sucks about MPJ, I've only just recently decided to try and track down the original, but with the outrageous move she just pulled with shipping I don't think I'll bother.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I used to love hunting for polishes on eBay, but I seldom do it anymore. There are a few sellers that I like, but I think I've learned my lesson about unknown/low number sellers. I don't like being taken.

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