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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, A and B!

Not NP related, but today is my twins' fourth birthday.  Like I mentioned on twitter, I plan on being so busy getting ready for tonight that I can't be sad that they are 4.  I still think they should be tiny, so the fact that they are on their way to five, is kinda breaking my heart.  Plus, unless God decides differently, we are done in the baby department, and the further they get away from babyhood, the sadder I get with each birthday, because I know I probably won't get to experience a newborn again.  I loved them being babies, but they are awesome bigger kids, too.  I just need to make a point to enjoy them today and not get sad that they are growing up.  :)

Anyway, here's a pic of them the day they were born.  She screamed bloody murder until they put her brother in her bassinet.  Now she screams bloody murder if he goes in her room.  LOL.  :P

Amelia's on the left and Blake's on the right. 

Happy Birthday, Babies!

EDIT... here's a bonus pic of them now:


Michèle said...

Awww that's so precious! Happy Birthday to them!

Doo ♥ said...

Happy birthday to your kids! It's funny how it's so obvious which one is boy/girl from that pic :D Oh and the hair is so adorable!

PolishPig said...

AAww, babies!

You can never get enough of them, right? The only problem is that you have to take care of them for 20 years after they stop being babies ;-)

I have two girls 6 and 4. I recognize everything you write!

Happy Birthday to the twins, and good luck wish to your SO on his new job!

(yeah, you got those kisses because you posted the lovely pictures!)

Lisa H said...

My babies turned 10 in december. They are my last, but I have six all together. ;) Enjoy them while they are young.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday kids. :) I'm a twin too.

ReaderRita said...

Oh, geeze, how cute are they? Very Happy Birthday to them!
They will always be your babies. They won't want to hear that in another couple of years, but you'll always know it! =)

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