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Friday, January 1, 2010

NARS Dovima

I swatched this post in my Dermelect review to show under the top coat, so I figured I'd post a review of it.  I've had Dovima since May.  I bought it during a session of retail therapy and I never got around to using it.  I wanted a perfect tomato red and I was drawn to Dovima basically because the description is tomato red.  I think the description is spot on.

This applied perfectly.  It was opaque in one coat.  It's a perfect true red, that does lean a bit orange, just like tomatoes.  Dovima is available at Sephora (though it may be OOS at the moment).  It was $16.


Paige said...

Look gorgeous on you!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Wow! Your nails look SO good! Seriously! I can't thank you enough for sharing your glue on recovery with us. I feel comfortable saying your nails are recovered!! This color is sooo pretty too. Tomato-rific!

Unknown said...

Your nails look amazing hun!

Tiffany ツ said...

MMMM SEXY Color! but 16 bucks thats crazy.. im such a cheapy lol

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Thank you, everyone! I was actually thinking earlier today that my nails look like they did before I got the acrylics. They still need sometime before they'll look totally healed, but I do think they look pretty good.

Tiffany, I know. It's crazy expensive and at the time I bought it, it was the most expensive polish I owned (in fact, I think it still is, since I paid $9 for my RBLs). I totally splurged on it. I need to compare it to some of my other red cremes to see if there are any dupes.

Lucy said...

That's a gorgeous shade of red. Your nails look amazing. I'm so happy for you.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Lucy. I think I owe a lot of it to patience and Dermelect, but I'm actually pretty proud that they've come back. At least the don't look like they were attacked by a blender any more. LOL. :P

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