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Monday, March 29, 2010

Greetings from Florida!

My family and I are in Cocoa Beach, FL for the week.  I actually meant to update the blog while I am down here, but, while I remembered my camera, I forgot my cord.  :S  I guess that's a good thing, though, considering my cuticles are dry and ragged, I forgot my base coat, and I recently clipped (yeah... I clip) my nails down to nubbins.  I am wearing OPI DS Extravagance, but you just have to take my word for it when I tell you it's awesome!

As I don't have my camera, I probably won't be doing much posting while I'm down here, though I realize I haven't done much posting over the last few weeks anyway.  My nails have just been in a state of disrepair for awhile, so I really haven't felt like posting.  Hopefully, when I get back to Knoxville, my nails will be happier and I'll feel like blogging again.

Hope you guys have a happy Easter.  :)


Erin said...

I'm a clipper, too. I'll file after I clip, but that's the only time.

Have a great week in Florida! Happy spring break!

Skulda said...

I clip when my nails are long and I want to hack 'em down because they are all crappy. It's satisfying to just Cut 'em all down! RAWR! Hope you're having a good time. :)

A Polish Problem said...

good to read there are other clippers around. the thought of filing my nails short gives me the heebie jeebies. i can handle evening out my nails with a file, but taking off length with a file? ugh. it's like fingernails (no pun intended) on a blackboard.

we are having a great time. went to disneyworld today to "hop" around the hotels and eat in a few new (to us) restaurants. tomorrow, is (maybe) shopping in orlando. i'm so sore from walking around disney that i may scrap our plans.

Unknown said...

Well girl if you need a fix while you are here - I get to live the Cocoa Beach life style all year! There is an amazing Ulta in Orlando and the Florida Mall has some really great stores. Head down International Dr and Universal Studios City Walk for more fun. Hope you enjoy your vacation. While in Cocoa Beach head down to Port Canaveral and eat at the Spaghetti Factory - the food is amazing!

Anonymous said...


PolishPig said...

Great news that your nails are long and strong enough for clipping! Happy vacation, and the Orly blue mani with the stickers was just super cute!
(and I'm not in 4th grade, lol)

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