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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sick kiddos and the Green-Eyed Monster

Okay, so this post will be a big bunch of random, but as my nails are naked at the moment, something I hope to rectify later on tonight, and I want to post something... I have to settle for whatever is floating around in my brain.

My little ones were sick yesterday.  It was a fun filled evening of "pyrotechnics".  LOL.  Several years ago, they had a bout of rotovirus where I got puked on more times than I want to imagine.  I honestly think I have PTSD from that month, so it's so hard for me to deal with puking kids.  I just want to run away.  Unfortunately, that was not an option.  I stayed up until 3a dealing with a sick Blake, so it was a rough night.  Thankfully, they are feeling back to normal today, but we still had to miss school.  No way was a "sharing" this with anymore kids/families.  I'm going to send Amelia tomorrow, as they have been puke free for 24 hrs. 

As I mentioned in the title, I'm dealing with a bit of blogger jealousy at the moment.  It's totally petty and a definite "being the last picked for kickball" moment, but as I read nail blogs, I see where so many bloggers are receiving free samples, and to be honest, it's bugging me.  Like I said... petty.  I have received samples in the past, but I'm never contacted by companies anymore.  And it's not that I'm not glad that other bloggers are getting recognized.  More power to you if you are lucky enough to receive product samples.  :)  It just reminds me of school where I felt like I was always the one passed over for everything.  Issues much?  I like free stuff.  I like nail polish. I've been blogging for well over a year.  Do I smell bad?  Am I not a good reviewer?   :P  Why does X get samples and not me?  I'm sure there are some bloggers out there that have not received anything, so I'm sure I sound like a whiny child, and I apologize for that, but it's something that I've been dealing with lately.  Oh well.  It's not like I don't have tons of polishes on my own without being sent others.  LOL.  Okay, that's it.  I hope I didn't offend anyone.  Sometimes it makes me feel better just to type stuff out. 

I will try to be back later tonight with a new NOTD, though I just started charging my camera battery, so it may be tomorrow morning before you see me next.  :)


Unknown said...

Ugh sick kiddos! I hear ya! I have one who is sick - but fortunately it is just a sore throat. I am not so good with the puking! Figures though it is when Hubby goes out of town for work.

I don't know how bloggers get free samples, but it would be nice. I am fairly new to the blog world, so I am still not sure how it all works, but good luck! Hope some free samples come your way soon!

Get Nailed said...

Nail blogs are popping up everywhere and I think the polish companies are just picking the best and most popular to send samples to. They can't just send samples to anyone that's been blogging for x amount of time, pretty soon everyone would be getting samples! I think it's a bit unfair too, but I didn't get in to blogging for free samples anyways, I'm just having fun with it :)

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Oh I didn't either. It's just a nice perk.

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I really don't get how they choose to send free polish to. I figured when I started it was just the big blogs who got them, but then I started noticing a few blogs with less than 100 followers or a little more and now I just have no clue how they choose!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I have asked to be on the PR list for several companies, mainly just for press releases, but 2 of those, Orly and ChG have sent me samples. I guess if you want samples, that's a good place to start.

Honestly, I think I was just in a pissy mood earlier. Last year, I was sent ChG Up and Away to swatch. It was an amazing collection and I was so greatful to have received it. However, swatching a collection was hell on my cuticles. Plus, I felt a great deal of, self-imposed, pressure to do a good job with the swatches and review. Unfortunately, my nails were still growing out, so I realized my swatches were not all that great. Maybe that's why I wasn't contacted to swatch Poolside, or perhaps ChG is just trying to mix it up with who the select. I don't know.

When they picked me to swatch Up and Away, I had a little over 100 followers, so I have no clue why I was sent samples.

Like I mentioned, it was petty and made me feel like elementary school. I do have a sample of Orly Iron Butterfly that I still need to swatch, so I should probably just STFU about it. LOL.

BTW, R3Beauty... I hope your little one feels better, too. I am so grossed out by puking, but blood is pretty bad, too. :S

PolishBloggersNetwork said...

I say speak whatever is on your mind. You're blogging for you and your readers and no one else. We all have days when we feel the need to get things off our chests. :)

schmut said...

My guess is that a lot of beautyblogs contact the brands and not the opposite? There are so many blogs out there that you have to make sure you're first in line, even if it means showing up a week early.

chocaddict said...

I haven't commented very often on your blog (or ever?) but I've been reading you for a long while now. I'm a blogger too and I totally feel the same way you do. I've received samples to try from one company only and was over the moon when that happened but that's it.
I read blogs which receive samples of every single collex, or so it seems, and where the blogger doesn't even bother swatching/reviewing the goodies (in the lines of "oh I've received such and such and such things to try out but I'm saving that for later"...what?! when everyone will have seen swatches everywhere?! so useful, thanks :/). Or relatively new blogs which receive whole collections to try out and when you contact the brand about it and ask for a couple to review they have the nerve to lie and tell you they NEVER send stuff to review because they want bloggers' reviews to be unbiased...

The Kaleidoscopic Hour said...

thought i would give you a shout out b/c i tried (possibly unsuccesfully?) to tag you in a post of mine?
would you like to participate?
if so, repost this item, thanks so much!


Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I have contacted a few manufacturers to be on the press release list. I don't want to say "send me samples", so I'm taking a less direct approach. OPI, Misa, Zoya, and CC never responded.
The last samples I received were a couple of Orlys from their PR company. One was Luxe and the other was Iron Butterfly. I was a little irrated that they didn't send me the entire collections, as I know they've done it for other bloggers, but I tried not to look a sample horse in the mouth and be happy with what I was given. Back in November, when ChG sent me Up and Away I squealed when I received them. I was so unbelievably happy, I could barely contain myself. It wasn't even about free product (though I won't lie and say it wasn't nice). I planned on purchasing the collection myself anyway. What made me so happy was that a polish company trusted me enough to review their products. I was still in the process of growing out my nails at the time, so I wasn't really able to do a review I was 100% proud of, but I tried to do a good job. All I got when I responded to their PR department about the Poolside press release was "thanks for mentioning us on your blog". I figure either they didn't like my review (which was glowing, but the swatches were lacking) or they are trying to pass around the love.
I've also received samples from Dermelect, Migi Nail Art, and Revlon Nails. Each time, I was ecstatic to receive them, and I felt I did a good review of them, but I still am not in the regular rotation of bloggers. I guess I just want to be one of the popular kids. LOL. Plus, I feel I'm a pretty good blogger (though I realize my participation has slacked off considerably lately).

@The Kaleidoscopic Hour, I didn't see your post. I will be sure to mention it here within a few days. :)

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